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  1. I recommended a S95 to a friend who ignored me and bought the SD4500. Long story short, he ended up returning the SD4500 and getting the S95 which he is very happy with. His primary use for this camera is low-light photography like when he goes to nice restaurants.
  2. I had a Rockhopper one that had no bass control. Never found myself wishing it was there.
  3. Couldn't use one of the flat rate boxes? I thought USPS Priority is cheaper than its FedEx and UPS equivalents.
  4. Would it be funny if you just used banana connectors?
  5. penger

    X-box or PS3?

    I thought the new Xbox doesn't have a removable HDD? And I'm not even sure you'll be able to fit 1 game install on the HDD... I faintly recall that game installs on my system took in the 6gb+ range.
  6. penger

    X-box or PS3?

    I believe one of the reasons you won't see the PS3's graphics advantage are because developers usually must develop for both platforms and opt to max out the xbox's capabilities. On PS3 exclusive games though, the graphics are really sweet.
  7. penger

    X-box or PS3?

    You're right about needing Xbox gold to access Netflix. I don't know if this still holds true, but does the PS3 still lag in terms of games (quantity + slower release dates?)? They do still have a couple exclusive titles though (God of War and Metal Gear Solid come to mind).
  8. Some randoms from a trip to Japan with my mom... buncha sets on my flickr (link)
  9. I found it... [url=http://gosutrolling.com/2010/11/janook-build-unstoppable-tvp-strat/]Janook Build: Monstrous TvP strat?
  10. Have you read about the 9 minute thor strat that's nearly unbeatable against Protoss?
  11. penger


    Got an email from Dedicated Audio that they're selling the Bel Canto DAC3 for $1495, $1000 off retail.
  12. For online access to hdds, perhaps this: Pogoplug Pro enables remote access to four USB hard drives, adds inbuilt WiFi -- Engadget should be a consideration.
  13. Isn't there a SSD + Platter HDD hybrid? Problem is I'm pretty sure it doesn't come in the 2.5" form factor. Actually... it looks like luvdunhill suggested it already (seagate momentus xt).
  14. Definitely like mine, but will warn that they can be a bit noisy.
  15. penger


    Newegg has a 15% off all point and shoot cameras via this code: EMCZZZN86. Ends tonight.
  16. You guys are the best. Thanks!
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