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Post your favorite Scotch(es).

Laphroaig 18, Quarter Cask

Talisker 18

Ardbeg Ten, Oogie

Springbank 12 Cask

I like peat.

Original post:

Thinking of buying a couple more bottles of scotch today. I currently have the following bottles.


Laphroaig 18, Quarter Cask

Talisker 18

Ardbeg Ten

Springbank 12 Cask

Bruichladdich The Laddie Ten


Caol Ila 12

Black Bull 12


Any suggestions. I was thing of getting a bottle of Oogie and then maybe something else. Things that come to mind are Springbank 18 (maybe a bit more than I would like to spend but I could handle it if it was worth it... and I do like the Springbank 12 cask a lot), Highland Park 18 (seems to be a classic - never had it), a more classic (peated) Bruichladich, some Glenrothes or Bowmore? I am up for suggestions. I do seem to like the scotches that have some peat or smoke in them. They don't have to be a peat bomb though.

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Macallan is a good Highland, but smoky/peaty it is not.

I suggest:

Lagavulin 16 if you can find it for a good price (ranges from $70 - 140 in Canada)

Laphroaig 10 - best value Islay, IMO; quite a bit better than Quarter Cask and not much different from the 18.

Oban 14 - a nice smoky (but not punch-you-in-the-face-with-peated-fist) western Highland

BenRiach 12 "The Curiositas" - another nice peated Highland.

Scapa - if you can find it; they do pretty limited runs I believe. Similar to Highland Park (they're next-door neighbours), which is also very good (I have the 12, never tried the 18).

I've also gotten to really like the Glenlivet 12, even though it doesn't score the highest marks from critics. Not smoky, but it's got a really nice, smooth caramel flavour and it's one of the cheapest decent single malts.

If you go with Bowmore, I'd suggest the 15 rather than the 12. They're both quite good, but the 12 is outshone by the other Islays in its price bracket (IMO of course).

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I went to the store and picked up a bottle of Oogie which I am enjoying right now. They did have Scapa 16yr which I almost bought but wanted to research it a little more since I had never heard of the brand before. Anyone had the Scapa 16? I've had the Laphraoig 10yr before but I preferred the Quarter Cask. Also, I want to try new bottles. Looked hard at the Lavagulin 16 which I have had a few times and liked. I think I want to try something without as much peat just for variety which is why I was looking at the Highland Park 18yr. I had a bottle of the Macallan 12yr and didn't like it because it had too much sherry. The Macallan 18 I have tasted was great but is also a little pricey.

In the end however, I found a bottle of Germain Robin XO at the store and decided to get that instead of two bottles of scotch. I am still quite curious about others opinions for future scotch purchases. Why don't we have a list your favorites whiskeys thread???

By the way, the guys at the store said that Springbank was getting rid of the 10yr 100 proof. Anyone know about that. If so, I will probably pick up a bottle before they run out.

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In addition to the ones I listed above, which focused on peat, I also really like Glenmorangie - the Quinta Ruban (12 yo, finished in port casks) and Clynelish 14.

Shelly, you asked about the Scapa 16 earlier. I used to have a bottle of the 14, and when I went back to the store to get another I was informed that the distillery was so short-staffed, they couldn't keep up with the bottling. The 16 was brand-new at the time, and presumably from the same distillation as my earlier bottle of 14 (I assume, but what do I know?). Though I didn't do a side-by-side comparo, it was very similar to Highland Park, but a bit sweeter with a stronger caramel flavour. I liked it a lot. The only reason I didn't buy the 16 was because it was twice the price of the 14, and I am somewhat poor and very much a cheapskate.

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Warning: I'm not very current with malts these days, more vino these days.

Last bottle of Laphroiag (Costco, early last year $26) was a bit too sweet without enough phenolic blue smoke compared to memory and the last Highland Park 12 (Costco, early last year $32?) lost the balance of sweetness I used to love.

I'll give them a little while and try again...

Nice to hear that the Aberlour A'bunadh is drinking nicely to you all, used to love it a decade ago but then the lots coming out weren't as round or nice- I'll try again!

Don't know how easy these are to procure but I may have to seek them out again- any of the Murray McDavid secondary bottlings of 1993 Mortlach. Found them immensely interesting and satisfying- a Speyside that was aged in Islay. Another anomaly is the secondary cask aging they employed...combos such as Bourbon cask w/Port cask finishing or Bourbon w/Guigal Syrah cask finishing or Bourbon/Guigal Cote Rotie cask. (I think I enjoyed the Bourbon + Port aging the best.) Non-chill filtered. Gorgeous natural color (love the Laga, but even they have been rumored to add color).

Another big love is (specifically) the Signatory bottlings of Edradour 10yr. non-chill filtered. Haven't grabbed one lately but definitely preferred the Signatory to the distillery bottling of the same age.

Caol Ila is in the glass now, may have to cycle through the current offerings or hope for a reco from Mikey on best (fairly) easy Caol Ila to find now. 18yr used to blow my mind with all the barbecued meat. Right now I am loving the '96 Blackadder bottling of 14 yr single cask.

For a nice, inexpensive bottle? Tomatin 12yr @$20.

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Trader Joe's and a grocery store near a friend used to have it for $20-22.

This seller found on wine-searcher.com has for $22.

Edit: this site is bad, I will end up renewing my Pro Version of wine-searcher. BAD. (Maybe I need a warning point.)

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Laphroiag is sweet now? Last time I had it it was a mouthful of ocean water and peat. Might have been some sort of distillers edition though.

I like my Lagavulin Distillers edition and the regular 16. Sometimes a smidge of Bobby Burn's Dalwhinnie for a contrast in moods.

I've been hearing positive things about the Japanese Malts but I'd feel like I'm cheating on my wife.

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^Last bottle of Laphroiag I had was a great price but lacking some of that scary peat and phenolic nature that I have grown to love...otherwise I'd have a couple around now. The Highland Park was also good in price but went the other way.

Update on the Murray McDavid '93 Mortlach- not easy to find these days. There are '95 and '97 offerings, I'll try to get one and report back. Reigniting my old love here.

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Update on the Murray McDavid '93 Mortlach- not easy to find these days. There are '95 and '97 offerings, I'll try to get one and report back. Reigniting my old love here.

If you have a Murray Mac - Mort source.. please advise....

The find would be --

My Notes from a while ago:


Mortlach 12yo 1993 ( 46%, Murray McDavid, Bourbon/Syrah Enhanced in Syrah Guigal Cotes Rotie cask, /1800 bottles, in tube )

This beverage is becoming like an old friend... I really like it every time I come back to it. Might even need more reserve bottles.

The COLOR is a very nice reddish brown; you can tell it is not a normal release with the wine finish

The NOSE comes right off with hard candy. Kind of like a grape flavored 'jolly rancher' for those on this side of the world. I guess that maybe a factor in why I like it – reminds my of a childhood favorite candy. Here is some malt hidden in the background with a layer of spice and cake to back it all up.

On first taste (first taste of the day), the complex layer of spice, and fruit play across the PALATE. Makes my eyes flutter a little bit… ooph I like this dram….. Good mouth feel, with oranges and nutmeg coming though strong, with a slightly dryness coming on (probably from the red wine, kind of like tannins but in a different way.

The FINISH just nice fresh and a little dry… not to steal, but it makes me want to have more.

Nice beverage that is wrapped around a fruit spice bomb.


Looks like --


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