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New Oppo player for late 2012


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Yeah, but I didn't see an HDCD logo...sad.png

Ta da! IThey have HDCD! smile.png

Someone asked in 133, confirmed by insider in post 134 of that same AVS thread.

That 105 unit is practically a pre-amp/player the way this is shaping up.

E-sata looks dead.

When asked why E-sata is dead another insider responded:

No eSATA port on the 103 or 105. I can't discuss why

IMO someone under NDA saying that means (hopefully?) something equal and/or better than what E-sata was there for is on these new units instead. My best guess.

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TRANSLATION: The Oppo will be recognized (by the PC) as an external sound card to decode all your audio files, including DSD files (SACD ISO or DSDiff files, as offered by some music sites like HighResAudio)

That's credible.

No one's shot it down including the guys in that thread that I know are pretty close to Oppo and under NDAs. The silence speaks volumes.

So website like Blue Coast Records may find a new audience not restricted to the Audiogate and Korg gear. Interesting and potentially a new toy!

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Odds and ends:

Hi folks. I was the user that made that phone call to Oppo. They basically explained that due to the high cost of licensing Apple codecs, etc., they won't be incorporating AIFF nor ALAC compatibility any time soon on their players. This is a big drawback and almost a deal-breaker for me (and I love the company and own 3 different players, including the 95), specially after spending most of this year ripping my collection to AIFF. The quote above is, however, correct in the sense that one could easily connect a computer to play back AIFF or ALAC files and use the back USB input with (I assume) no issues at all.
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I'm amazed someone under NDA could post this but here goes:

The 105 has 2 types of USB input. The first is what people are used to on the 83/93/95 where you hook up a USB drive and the Oppo reads the media files, decodes them, and converts to PCM to pass the audio to it's DAC's.

The 2nd type is a USB audio input which connects to a USB port on your PC and shows up as an audio output device on the PC (think of it as a sound card that connects to the PC with a USB cable instead of plugging into an expansion slot). In this case, the PC has the responsibility of reading your music files and converting them to PCM, then sends the audio to the sound card (which in this case is the 105) to play. So in this case, only your PC would need to know what to do with the AIFF and ALAC files.

Still seeing some warnings about speculation, too, so don't sign off completely on everything yet. I think this person knew they had to put out a potential fire as best possible.

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