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The Red Bull ring isn't a circuit that I like much, it's short, just 10 turns, 3 rather long straight parts with DRS, yet not many overtakes. Despite all that this Sprint Race has been pretty fun. Besides the boring and expectable Verstappen's dominion. I wish it rains tomorrow.

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Seems like some lap one drama between the Bulls, but otherwise I think this sprint day sucks. Get rid of it. It is just a shittier version of quali and the big race. They are always going to save tires for the big race and try not to take chances.

Is it more fun than FP2 and FP3, sure, but I don't like it.

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Complete disaster for my Alpine boys this weekend. Not only did both cars DNF (Ocon’s car broke, Pierre and Stroll collided), our rivals, McLaren, seem to be back in business.

Otmar better get things turned around quick or the guillotines will start coming out!

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Alpine isn't going to make a good season. IMHO one of their (many) mistakes is having two french pilots.

I'm wondering what the hell is going on with Checo. He's a very good driver but it can't be just bad luck starting that back in the grid. Any thoughts?

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Ooof. Not a great year for Alpine. I don't blame them for changing horses as this is a results-driven sport and the executive team was not producing. A cleaning of house was not unexpected.

Also thank you, F1, for putting another crappy Saturday sprint on so I can skip watching it. I just don't know who enjoys these. Compared to a high stakes Saturday Quali there just isn't close to the same intensity.


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Cool angle of one of Sir Lewis' laps.

Helps you realize just how absurdly fast these modern cars are. They take turns at speeds you couldn't even come close to in another other than an ultra-high downforce ground effect car.

Fighter pilot level g-forces in the turns as well.

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When I had a Windows PC I used to play with the F1 official game. By the days Schumacher used to win, before Alonso's titles. Suzuka was one of my favourite circuits, all those turns, so difficult to memorize and drive right. A lot of fun. Hopefully this is a nice race, on FP2 Naranjito didn't seem that superior, though not as behind as in Singapore.

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3 minutes ago, blessingx said:

I know this isn't NASCAR, but how did that go over? 🤨

The comments tell you all you need  to know.

For example

"Nothing screams the legacy of F1 like having Will. i. am chant "Let's go" over neon advertising for Heineken 0% at night in Las Vegas. Truly the watershed moment fans have waited 70 years for."

"Artists being up for several minutes and drivers being lowered down before the presenter could finish their names tells you all you need to know about this event"

"It's definitely Eurovision meets the Hunger Games F1, but I don't hate it."

"Wow I was expecting it to be bad but that absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way"

"The Ending part was awesome. The part where it ended."

Helpful running order

Here it is the rundown of performances 🎵🏁

00:00 opening & driver line up

00:45 Thirty Seconds to Mars

03:18 Keith Urban

06:31 Andra Day

09:36 Kylie (Minogue)

12:02 Blue Man Group

12:34 Bishop Briggs

14:40 Journey

17:29 Steve Aoki

19:28 Balvin

22:12 DJ Tiesto

24:13 John Legend

26:51 Heineken Silver (Let's Go)

27:34 F1 Teams & Drivers Introduction


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