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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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70's was the era of, well quite a bit. It was definitely the decade that fashion forgot. Flared trousers got so outrageous I used to wear bicycle clip when driving to stop my feet getting tangled up with my trousers, and them dangling in the dirt on the floor.. Oh and shirt collars with rounded ends. And I was so proud of my centre parted hair. At least I never got into platform shoes.

I looked in hindsight such a dork.

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Considering the number of views, some of you guys have probably seen this.


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I understood that reference.




From left to right:

German Gewehr 1888 Commission Rifle, made by Danzig in 1891

Japanese Type 38, made by Koishikawa Arsenal in 1927

Soviet M91/30 Mosin-Nagant, made by Izhevsk in 1933

U.S. Model of 1917, made by Eddystone in 1918

Italian M1891 Carcano, made by Roma Arsenal in 1918

British No. 1 MkIII* SMLE, made by B.S.A.Co in 1917

Chilean Mauser Model 1895, made by DWM in 1896

Argentine Mauser Model 1909/26, made by DWM in 1911

Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31, made by the Swiss in 1944

Romainian Contract Czech vz. 24 Mauser, made by BRNO in 1940

U.S. M1 Garand, made by H&R in 1953

Egyptian Contract FN-49, made by FN in 1950

French Berthier MLE 1892 Artillery Carbine, made by Chatellerault in 1895

Chinese SKS, made by Norinco Factory 326 in 1981

SA58 FAL, made by DSA in 2006?

Bulgarian AK74, made by Lee Armory in 2017

U.S. M1 Carbine, made by Auto-Ordnance in 2009?

PSA AR15, made PSA/me in 2018


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No, but I definitely dig it.

edit:  the cherry blossoms paint job, not the rust.

edit #2:  oh, that’s an Arizona bottle, lollers 

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