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bose acoustimass?


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alright, don't shoot - I moved into a house this week that has an old bose acoustimass system in the living room. I cannot seem to get it to work. is it worth trying? cables distribute from the woofer through the walls to these little speakers mounted around the ceiling... I have no idea how that would sound when it works. anyone with experience or ideas, please let me know what your advice might be: use the cabling and replace all the speakers? fix the bose system? call bose and find someone who can get it to work? rip it all out?

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Yeah, for home theater and free, why not?


Are the connections to the subwoofer on these things just passthroughs (for a home theater receiver/amp) or are these powered systems (line level signal in)? Being Bose I would think maybe the latter, but I don't know...

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My first decent approach to what Hifi could be, about 35 years ago, was listening to a Bose 901 based system powered by Harman Kardon amps. That was pretty enlightening, good enough to get me engaged to this hobby. Of course I hadn't listened to any higher quality system before, so memory's tendency to embellish the recalls and the lack of perspective make for a beautiful wrong impression, but I still keep some respect for their older stuff. I haven't listened to a Bose system in years.

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