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Tour de Cure - Chattanooga, TN - May 17, 2014


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Hey everyone,


I just signed up to do the 2014 Tour de Cure to help fight diabetes. It's going to be nice to have more than 3-4 weeks to train for it this year, but I'll make it no matter what.

If anyone would like to donate, or even sign up to ride with me (hey, it could happen), click the link below and check it out.

I did this last year and found out many more people that I knew are touched by this than I ever knew... even family members who came out to me, and I found out my late grandmother even had it. It's a fantastic cause and I'll be riding for my friends (both from here and throughout my non-HC world) and my family members who deal with this every day.


This ride really meant a lot to me last year, and I know quite a few others have done them in their areas as well. I'm hoping it'll mean even more this year.



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So two months out and the weather is finally starting to normalize to where it's not sub-freezing/equally stupidly cold. Time to really work on training and get ready for a ride that's about 20% longer than last year, with *gasp* more elevation gain! I'm not quite looking forward to that part, but I remembered being at the closer turn-around point last year, and realizing that I was dealing with something tough for a few hours, while other people had been struggling/dealing with an issue for years, if not their whole lives.

I kicked things off with a self-donation today, and appreciate any and all donations.



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So does this mean we'll stay up late drinking and go to Lamar's the night before, again?

Oh sweet baby Jesus, I hope not! At least not the night before I do a long-for-me bike ride. Some other night? (ANY other night), I'm in!

I want to say thanks to all of those HCers who've donated to the cause who saw things via email or on Facebook. I still have a ways to go, but I have a great start!


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So our May ride got rained out (the family friendly ride). Today, however, was our makeup ride and wrap-up party. About 15-20 of us made it out to do a ten mile ride at the riverpark, along the TN River. Xavier and I rode, and he was the youngest participant by at least 6 years. We wound up being swept and came in right as they were serving burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. We ate lunch, had the award ceremony (where our team won largest team), and then we said goodbye for a few more months to some Diabetes association friends and we signed up to do the 25 mile ride together next year. 

After everyone packed up, Xavier wanted to ride some more, so we did enough to make him realize he needed some bike shorts, so we called it a night and headed home.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and the cause to help Diabetes awareness and research, it's really appreciated!

All in all, we raised 123,000$ in the Chattanooga Tour de Cure! A little short of our goal, but still a pretty solid showing.




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