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Cleaning out dust


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3 years ago I gave some equipment to a friend to store for me and I just picked it back up.  99% of everything looks great, but it appears my RKV was left out on a shelf (unplugged) and has accumulated quite a bit of dust.  Before I fire it back up any suggestions on how to get it relatively clean?  Would not look forward to scraping out a ton of dust with a Q-tip.












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A couple of passes with this from about arm's length should take care of the dust that is able to be blown off.  I use one to clean out my computer.  You could then use a Q-Tip for any surface that you want immaculate.  Canned air can be a bit dangerous if accidentally used upside down so that liquid could spray out.  

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It doesn't appear to be caked on - just accumulated dust from sitting on a shelf.  Thought about completely removing it from the chassis to give it a good once over.  Doesn't look too difficult, but I may just see what I can do with Q-Tips and tech wipes.  I work for a station that uses something other than Isopropyl alcohol to clean video heads as well as other items.  Smells nastier than anything I've ever used before and when I get any on my hands it leaves a white film.  When I go in on Monday I'll find out exactly what it's called.

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Canned air costs money, some vacuums have an air outlet  where you can plug the hose into.


Since the amp is low voltage, the flux isn't such a problem as in Stax driveable amps, but does show bad manufacture practice.

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A couple of passes with this from about arm's length should take care of the dust that is able to be blown off.


I have a Metro car vac kit and it's quite amazing.  They are usually overpowered and the company has an old-school reputation for having good products.  For me, this would be a good way to finally stop buying canned air at costco.  


Anyway, this would be my vote for what do to - just blow it out.  

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As always, start by making sure nothing is holding a charge... Observe proper HV precautions! 


TCE is primarily a degreaser. Probably not necessary here. 


If you have access to a keyboard vacuum or other similarly precise *low power* vacuum cleaner with a brush tip, I would lean towards that. Second choice would be *gentle* blowing. I would not resort to chemicals unless you want to take the whole thing apart which sounds like an epic pain in the ass. Before you vacuum/blow take the tubes out so you can really get the vacuum/blower everywhere. While the tubes are out clean them off, because tubes should look pretty and shiny, but not for any reason of performance. If you care about the markings on the tubes be VERY gentle when cleaning, and avoid solvents unless absolutely necessary - you can probably get the tubes clean enough with just a few drops of water and a clean napkin.


Dust is not a problem until it forms a blanket thick enough to be a thermal insulator, and you are nowhere near that point. The big exception being if it is metallic dust from metalworking but I'm assuming (there I go...) that this is conventional home/office dust so, yea, it's just ugly. 

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Looks good!  I kinda miss my RKV.  Not enough to replace it, just a twinge of regret now and then.

I got it pretty dirt cheap - think I paid $350 for it off of Audiogon. At the time there weren't a lot of amps that could run the AKG K1000s off of the jack. Still have those but don't really listen to them. Was too tight of a fit on my head.

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Bumping up the thread... has anyone run speakers off of the Impedancer?  I was given a pair of Emotiva T1s and don't really have an amp to run them.  The specs on the speakers are:


Efficiency: 88 dB (2.83V/1m).
Power handling: 150W continuous / 300W peak.
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.
Frequency response: 37 Hz – 28 kHz (+3/-3 dB).
Crossover (midrange / tweeter): 2700 Hz, 12 dB / octave
Crossover (woofer / midrange): 275 Hz, 12 dB / octave
Dual speaker terminals for bi-amping or bi-wiring.


Would this work or would it tax the RKV?

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