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+ brownie points for using "talk its foot off the gas pedal" instead of "take its foot off the gas pedal".

Damn.  Extra nudity this week.  I might have to watch this episode again when I'm less tired, try to pick up on the nuances.  I was ...uh... distracted.

I wonder what that player piano song that was playing ultra fast was after he snapped his fingers..  I might have to sample it and slow it down, see if I recognize it.


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Called out of work today from being quite sick this weekend. Didn't want to get others sick. Caught up on the last few episodes and I think it might be my favorite show of all time. I don't think Anthony Hopkins gets nearly the credit he deserves. Didn't realize Evan Rachel Wood was such a great actress. 

Also, what Dusty said..."what door?"

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I'm going to rewatch the entire series, I've already rewatched the pilot.

1 hour ago, n_maher said:

I'm saving everything beyond Ep2 for upcoming travel.  Pretty fantastic so far.

This has quickly become my favourite show on television (more so than even Mr. Robot), and is easily in my top 10 favourite of all time.

You won't be able to watch it in public, though -- there are scenes where there are swaths of nekid peoples.

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Agreed.  They're completely different shows, and I often espouse the weakness of having "favourites", it's an entirely hypothetical concept, as I can watch either show as my mood swings.  I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

That host that greets Will is just fantastic, I love the way she coquettishly looks down, and when he diplomatically rejects her, she brightens up as if it truly mattered naught.

My cable company politely reminded me that I had until 12/19 to finish rewatching the pilot.

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I watched episode 3, "The Stray", in which there is a long conversation between Ford and Bernard.  I noticed every time Ford mentioned the hosts, Bernard kind of clammed up, and I started thinking maybe Bernard wasn't hearing that part of the conversation.  But then, later in the conversation, I was reminded that Bernard is fully aware of the hosts, since THAT'S HIS JOB, but I still wonder if they guided me through this thought process on purpose, knowing what I know now.

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Maeve's personality matrix (before the changes):

Candor - 19
Vivacity - 17
Coordination - 10 (5 means you're clumsy as hell, 15 means you're an athlete -- I don't know, anyone who can walk in high heels and a corset should get at least a 13)
Meekness - 2
Humility - 3
Cruelty - 1
Self-Preservation - 10
Patience - 3
Decisiveness - 14
Imagination - 13
Curiosity - 8
Aggression - 5
Loyalty - 16
Empathy - 9
Tenacity - 17
Courage - 15
Sensuality - 18
Charm - 18
Humor - 9
Bulk Apperception - 14

She asks for her pain to be lowered -- there's no 'pain'.

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