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What are you EATING right now?


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11 hours ago, swt61 said:

I have to admit, I don't understand the devotion to this burger joint either. I'd choose What-a-burger over In & out every time.

Out of all of the offensive shit I've said in the past, this is what gets me the angry emoticon? 😂

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But the best burger joint in the world isn't in California or Texas. It's in Anchorage, Alaska. 

I'm truly sad that you fine folks have never experienced magnificence in a burger. Especially with the best onion rings in the world.


arctic-roadrunner (1).jpg

348s (2).jpg

348s (1).jpg




And on those walls is a pic of little, 10 y.o. Stevie and family from 1971.

Oh how I'd like to be sitting in one of those Red booths, looking down on Camble Creek right now!

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10 hours ago, swt61 said:

I'm interested in bay area halibut. I've never tried it, and am curious how it might compare to Alaskan caught halibut?

You  should register with "Fishy Mike" for  the next  time he has Halibut

(from Nextdoor last weekend)

"Hi neighbors, i’m a local commercial Halibut fisherman happy to announce that I’ll be selling fresh caught  local Halibut today in Corte Madera. 34 seawolf passage Corte madera today Sunday  6/23 2-4pm. Txt me direct to put you on my list as I have a limited amount. $12/lb whole fish but fillet your fish complementary after purchase. Fish average 9lbs. Thanks, Mike 415-847-3092"




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I read that it's a bit thinner than Alaskan halibut and that looks to be true. 

The shrimp in the Texas gulf looked exactly like the shrimp in Alaska, but tasted quite different. More of an iodine taste in Texas. Because of the cold water, they are slower growing in Alaska, and so much tastier. But the waters here are not nearly as warm, so I imagine the taste of halibut would be similar? They do grow much, much larger in Alaska (upwards of 600 lbs.), but the tastiest are 25 lbs. and under, so that wouldn't matter. What I grew up knowing as "Chicken Halibut".

Halibut is absolutely my favorite fish. Blue fin Tuna second and King Salmon third.

But, hard smoked Alaskan King Salmon, brined and honey glazed, is the greatest thing to ever come out of the sea. Even better than Gay Mermen!


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Finally got to Howlin' Ray's for a hot chicken sandwich and it was excellent! Went with Medium+ heat level at my brother's suggestion, but should have gone all the way to hot. No multiple hour line on a Friday at 4:00pm. In fact no line at all.



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