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Dynamight question


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Hey Guys:

I have a chance to get a pretty good deal on a SFT built Dynamight from a person that I've known for a long time and trust. The only issue that he has disclosed to me about the amp is that on the lowest gain setting, there is some crackling when changing the volume on the stepped attenuator. But on all other gain settings, there is no crackling.

Is this something of a major concern? Because I don't anticipate on using the lowest gain setting, having heard this amp before. Thanks.

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I would leave it on a voltage gain of ten and not worry about it.

Or if you insist on much less gain, you need to add a resistor to

ground at the output of the attenuator for each channel.

I had the same issue with a low gain setting on my Dynamite.

Upping the gain to 10 helped.

Also had to redo my grounding scheme (lift the grounds from the xlr inputs) to get rid of the remaining small amount of scratchiness in the pot.

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