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I thought it would be great to have a thread that has new or cool tech products. I'll start off with the new touchscreen Sonos CR200 remote control. I've had a Sonos for many years and that music system just works and I've been very happy with it. Now they have a new touchscreen controller which looks very cool.


Sonos CR200

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This is the first netbook in a while that I seen take the top spot on PC World. It is a Toshiba netbook model NB205-N310. The battery life is super long at 9 hours and 53 minutes. It also offers a pass through USB port that lets you charge USB devices. Another feature is the internal accelerometer to protect the hard drive in case it does fall. Toshiba back in the day used to be one of the very fw companies that had really small laptops. Here is the article about it.

Toshiba NB205-312


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Shouldn't be called a "thumb" drive, unless you're Sissy Hankshaw.

Oh, and I thought these were interesting.

I was just reading about the Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440, which doesn't really make sense to me -- the drives are hot-swappable, and you can make multiple partitions, each with a different RAID level. I mean, I understand that under certain configurations, you're going to have to disconnect all of those partitions in order to swap out one of the drives, but what happens when you put another in, after the restriping process, to those partitions that you had at one of those lower RAID levels, if you had part of them on the swapped out drive? Do they shrink? It also does encryption, print-serving, ftp and https serving, and iTunes serving (?). Now if it only did mail-serving.

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I'm happy with my cheap although really great Magnavox (Funai) Blu-ray player. :) Maybe with a little bit of tweaking, it will play retail copies off the hard drive, probably not legal to make them however.... There are videos on youtube added today of it playing blu-ray BTW. I hope this comes with a bezel to cover the aftermarket blu-ray pc drive.

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