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I had got in my "watch later" list at Youtube a video by Glenn Gould speaking about the fugue. The video got removed for © issues, but some clever chinese guy got it uploaded elsewhere. Were you inter

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3 hours ago, ironbut said:

Audition At RCA

Here's a great article about the filming of this real audition and what became of the demo and the artists involved.

It's great to see the workings of what happened in the studio recording these tunes.



It's also really interestingly shot.  I put it on in the background to listen mainly to the music, and I found myself watching it.  Whoever the cameraman is, he really has a good eye.

Thanks!  Gem!

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When I was looking for a place/town/state to move to, Humboldt County was on my short list. 

One of the reasons was the music scene in Eureka and the towns around Humboldt State University.

I haven't thought about it in a while but one thing I had planned to do was look up Chuck Johnson over in Ferndale. He was making some outstanding music videos called the "Humboldt Live Sessions".

Check it out (there are quite a few with interesting acts in interesting settings).

BTW, if you stick around to the end, Humboldt State is heavy on the study of everything ocean.


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