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Driver for mid production K1000


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I will do my best to post what I hear, but remember I am an "old phart" so my ears are not pristine! Also the two K1000's have S/N very close like 400 numbers apart. So unless a previous owner swapped the drivers they should sound close. Hopefully Fitz can post a picture of both drivers so we will know. Thanks again Fitz.

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So I took apart the 2nd K1000 with a nasty rattling problem, and as I hoped it was the simplest problem possible: a hair had gotten onto the driver. It still needs to be stripped down and cleaned inside and out though, this K1000 is rather... gross.

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Today I received the K1000 (first set) that Fitz resurrected. What a sound, this just about kicks the ass of every other dynamic headphone I have listened. Interestingly enough I did a side by side of the K1000 driven by a Signature 30.2 with the EF5/HE5 combo. Yeah I know different prices and types but ... Anyways the K1000 just kicked but and I almost put the EF5/HE5 out to the curb but then I remember their price differences and settle down.

Anyways, wanted to say thanks to Fitz once again for the nice work he has done and for just being a great guy. THANKS!

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