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Driver for mid production K1000


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I was just informed by Alex that the right driver on my K1000 is "kaputz". :eek::mad: The serial number is 6191 and I would like to know if anyone here has a K1000 with only one driver working and would be wiling to sell it "as is".

As you can imagine my idea would be to make one working K1000 out of the two. Ideally your K1000 should be a mid production unit, hopefully with a serial number in the 5000 to 7000 range. Sure would appreciate hearing from someone. ;)



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Sad situation, Miguel. How did it get fried?

No idea :confused: it was working fine when I put it away as I retired in the evening. Next day it was not working. Thanks.

Thanks Shelly, now to look for parts or a 2nd K1000. Sure hope the 2nd one lasts me longer than 6 weeks. :rolleyes:

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Thanks Tom, yesterday I sent an email to RW Sound System. Hope they have spares, meanwhile Fritz has kindly offered to help, thanks Ryan.

Fritz or Fitz? His ancestry is a bit Northwest of Deutschland. :D Ryan's a great guy!

I hope you are able to get them repaired for a reasonable cost. It just sucks that that they failed so soon.

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Sympathies on both. I wouldn't give up, though. If it's just "not working", that doesn't sound like the driver, that sounds like the connections leading up to the driver.

I sent the unit to Alex of APureSound since a previous owner had them re-cabled with a 6 foot long V2. Alex informed me the cable, plug, and connection test fine and thr problem is the driver.

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The voice coil wire became separated from the solder post inside the middle of that nasty brown stuff... I think it's supposed to be the blue goop AKG uses, but has been burnt up or something into a thick, gummy mess (my guess is a failed recable attempt by a previous owner prior to sending them to Alex, since the posts on both drivers are shifted from the plastic softening). The trick was getting all of that shit off the wire without damaging it.

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