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The Headcase Stax thread


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Me thinks Dinny should just drop all his current dacses and buy something really expensive. ML 30.6 or Krell 64 springs to mind... ;)

Ohh and the Sony R1 is so good it is quite silly that CD was ever labeled as a "bad" format. Listen to the Meridian G08 next to it and it all becomes abundantly clear... :palm:

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What is the current thinking on buying Stax products from US retailers or through Japan based retailers like Price Japan? I'm interested in buying a pair of 4070's and see them for around $1750 from Price Japan. Elusive Disc will get me a US pair for $1950. Is the $200 difference worth it for the US warranty? I bought my SR-007's from Audiocubes and haven't had a problem.

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The odds of a Stax headphone breaking down are rather slim and if something were to break I'd send it to Japan rather then have Yama's butcher it. I've seen their handy work and it wasn't pretty. Might be a couple of isolated incidents but Stax in Japan does top notch repair work.

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