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The Headcase Stax thread


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9 hours ago, kevin gilmore said:

that has to at least double the capacitance of the cable. probably more because the bias wire is no longer shielding the stator wires.

stupid fucks.

Makes one wonder what is inside the Shangri-La and the Mr. Speakers Voce cables... 

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A quick cheapskate question..

Would a theoretical cheapskate with a 3030 system (in which the 303s have fresh pads and sound OK) notice any real benefit from grabbing a pair of L300, or would it be a pointless sidegrade?

I can't find any reliable detailed writeups of the L300, just the usual HF nonsense.

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1 hour ago, spritzer said:

They are more different than an upgrade.  It really does depend which version of the 303's you have though as Stax tinkered with them at some point in the production. 

That sounds quite close to sidegrade for most purposes, at least- thanks.

Out of interest, what was the tinkering, and the effect?

(The 303s came with crumbling foam centres which I replaced with the current production equivalents- which are a sort of fabric mesh.)


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8 hours ago, spritzer said:

They are great and so are the 207's.  404LE's are also excellent. 

Ah, this is why daft questions are almost inevitable- there are many variants, and arcane knowledge needed to navigate them.

I A/Bed the 303 with some 404 signatures (yay, another variant), and the differences weren't huge- mostly in the quantity of mid-bass (when the 303s had just arrived, and still had knackered pads). That was a hurried listen, in non-ideal conditions using a WM1A as a source, but still..

Anyway, noted, thank you!

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3 hours ago, spritzer said:

It's ported. 

From what Stax have posted they don't use the L700 drivers, just the stators and it looks like normal L300 pads as well.  Now whether this is good or not...we'll see. 

Perhaps you can get a pair, tear it apart and improve upon it. I'd buy it off you in a jiffy :) 

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