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The Headcase Stax thread


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Been there, done that.  I'm even going to sell off part of my collection now as I simply never have time to use this stuff.  :ph34r:  I buy them and then they just sit so I'm kinda tired of this accumulation of gear. 


Bunch more to come... I have way too much crap. 

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8 hours ago, wink said:

Tin Ear Award for 2018 goes to this dude.....   or

How To Waste 13.5 minutes of your precious time........



Well wink is right, how to waste 13.5 minutes of your precious time, and I just did. 

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The worse part is that these comments made me curious and... so basically, woo wes and earpods is all you need, the rest is to show off and, by the way, I am spending 50 grands on a headphone system where the tubes raise up when you turn the amp on, I am thus done with audio.

Finally someone who got it, it was about time. Back to you gilmore, building those carbons with burger.


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