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    Happy birthday, Jeff! Going to have some of these in your honour.
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    Yea they updated the ladies collection first. It from a visual stand point is a subtle update. Most obvious is that the date has moved from 3 to 6 and a change to the intermediate links of the bracelet. The main update is the movement. The mens watches will follow shortly but I do not have a date. The ADs have been told to not order current generation, because the update is coming. Another thing that is supper cool with the new one is the butterfly clasp has on the fly adjustment on both sides. I think is 2mm per side for a total of 4 on the ladies. For men hopefully they can step it up to 3mm per side for a total of 6 at least. I live at 4500ft of elevation and desert mountains, but I really appreciate on the fly extension when traveling. In mexico this year the humidity was so bad I went through the on the fly extension of my diver 300m and actually switched to a nato. here is the current(read old) model of the mens with exact options I want. You can also get this base dial with yellow gold or blue hands and markers. I like the rose most though.
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    Don't know about Trash but Iris 2 for $29 is insane! It's in my top 3 synths (of course I'm no huge expert,.. on anything). This sale make me want to buy it again! BTW I'm a big believer in doing that kind of stuff Dusty. If you really love that effect, you might want to take the time to build a sample instrument with it so you'll always have it.
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    I dunno if it’s interesting to you, but Izotope Trash 2 distortion is on sale right now: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/create-and-design/trash.html Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Another baseball great is gone. Frank Robinson was MVP in both leagues, was the first African American manager in the MLB, Giants manager in a tough/sad period, and is in the Hall of Fame obviously. Fuck bone cancer twice. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sfchronicle.com/giants/amp/Frank-Robinson-SF-Giants-manager-and-baseball-13598394.php
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    Thanks HS. I have been waiting along time, but I am sure it will be worth it. Edipis: that is a nice collection. 7 luxury pieces is a nice balance so that nothing gets ignored. I don't count my Gshock or Galaxy watch as part of my collection as those are for very specific purposes. Gshock is for dirtbiking and UTV where I need to keep track of time but a luxury watch would get vibrated to death or might suffer a large impact. And the smart watches are for doing things when I am on call and cant carry my phone like trials riding and water park.
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    I've had reasonably good luck with soundflower. It's a little finicky. Flowerbed is no more tho.
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    Yes, Soundflower is actually excellent. I'm not sure if you'll need it but there used to be a companion app called Flowerbed that put an icon into your menu bar so you didn't have to open Audio Midi Setup to enable/disable it. If you have a couple of Output choices to decide on (like Built In or your audio interface) it's just as easy to just switch between inputs and outputs in Audio Midi Setup. Anyway, good stuff IMHO. BTW, I remembered that the last time I was using it was to do some sound design stuff in the Unreal video game engine.
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    Sounds like you've found the distortion you want so I'm with you Dusty. You could spend days trying to find a plugin setting to do something similar but by then, the inspiration goes poof. So, you just need to make using it as easy as possible. Is Soundflower working for you?
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    We have record breaking cold today! It's like a high of -20 lol - they cancelled my school and kids school today and TOMORROW preemptively with an announcement Tuesday afternoon - the last time we had cold like this was 5 years ago and not even then did they cancel two days of school ahead of time. Woke up today with the furnace working but blowing no heat had to restart pilot light, turn off and restart furnace, but was getting an error code that the intake/outtake pipes outside may be clogged. Fuck - bundled up and told the kids if I don;t get back inside within 10 minutes to send for help. intake into the furnace from outside was clogged with snow, so unclogged it and we are back in action. House has warmed up to 58 from the 50 it was this morning lol. Have the fireplace going and starting up the oven for lunch.
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    RIP Peter Magowan. Didn't even know of him, but big respect to someone who fights to keep a team in a local market, especially if that market can easily support the team.
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    Good man. May he rest in peace. Florida baseball is a joke. I think they're all just spoiled by Spring Training. Nobody goes to Rays or Marlins games. It's really pathetic. The Rays sell out on opening day every year with pretend fans who go for the atmosphere. Then they have about 5,000 people in the seats the next day, with official attendance usually 13,000 or so with all of the empty corporate seats that they give to sponsors. After that, the only time there is a decent crowd is when the Yankees or Red Sox are in town and bring their own fans along with the old geezers who have transplanted themselves into the area.
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    That's not something I'd agree with, the 009S is a definite upgrade over the older 009 but it does further expose the inherent limitations of the design. The bass in the 009 sucks, there is no doubt about that so while Stax fixed the off tonality, they didn't fix the bass issues. I have a feeling that it is due to the basic driver design so they'd have to do something drastic to fix it but further experimentation is needed. What I find really fascinating are the discussions with pro users of Stax and what sets they are using. About 1/3 of my amps go to studios and other professional environments, professional musicians and the like and none of them use the 009's, either version. It's always the same line, they don't sound real or some variation of that. Same goes for the new Lx00 series, those not using 007's or 4070's have a stockpile of 207's.
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    RIP actor Albert Finney. Always liked him and his roles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk