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    Celebrating Karen's birthday with an extended weekend celebration.... Last night we saw Livingston Taylor at a nice theater that is about a mile away from our Maine condo! Nice time, though I tried to get a note to him through the staff to wish her a happy bday and he didn't.... BTW, the Cowboy Junkies are coming there in October, will try and see them. Today, we're both working remotely, but we'll do a nice dinner at a restaurant by the water tonight. Then son comes up tomorrow and we'll do a couple more things. Then home Sunday; Karen is going to a play with a friend, then her mom is taking us out Sunday night to celebrate....
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    As we were leaving the Duomo a tour group passed us by and I noticed one of the group's name tag- Indigo Montoya. I was laughing my ass off for the next two hours. I guess you have to be into fencing to fully appreciate the humor
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    Saw The (National) Theatre, in The (Lark) Theater, with Joanne, Dahling Captivating. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/28/theater/the-lehman-trilogy-review-sam-mendes.html https://www.npr.org/2019/04/03/709206827/financial-catastrophe-makes-for-riveting-theater-in-the-lehman-trilogy https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/lehman-trilogy-theater-1197762 https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/jul/13/the-lehman-trilogy-review-lyttelton-sam-mendes
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    Had lunch with truffles ...with wine. Coolest Grappa station ever
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    I had the unique experience of hearing this album years before hearing their debut and thus being able to judge it on it's own and not in comparison. Not nearly as groundbreaking, but a solid record.
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    Sunset at Heisler Park, Laguna, California.
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    Get your Friday on... all 80s synth - all the time. (released in 79, of course)
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    Leave his father alone. Trust me.
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    Occasionally National Theatre tickets sell out for a production before we get the chance to buy tickets. So we do exactly the same and go to a movie theatre and watch a live production. I did not know that they also did that in the US. Last thing we saw at the National was last year - a superb production of MacBeth with Rory Kinnear and Ann-Marie Duff. Next London production we're going to see is on Saturday - a new David Mamut play called Bitter Wheat, with John Malkovich. The reviews have panned it, which means it is probably very good! We're very lucky where we live - we are within 90 minutes drive of Stratford on Avon (RSC), Chichester and 45 minutes by train to London. Spoiled for choice.
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    At Cabo San Lucas. Picture is of lands end, the name is literal. That is where the Baja peninsula ends and the sea of Cortez meets the pacific ocean. Getting away from those areas is a must though. The other best thing besides the ocean. El pastor.
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    ~$7 lbs, ~$19,000
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    Underrated. She had some amazing hits.