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    Thomas Joshua Cooper and The Atlas of Emptiness and Extremity https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/10/07/a-photographer-at-the-ends-of-the-earth
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    Here’s the back of the digital attenuator. This might make you suffer more Those chips need to be started with a hot air station.
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    Just finished a Peaky Fookin' Blinders binge
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    Mo Big-Ass speaker time? Okay - KENRICK Repro JBL Hartsfield + Ion Tweeters
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    They look very good Kerry!!!. What size SMD are you using? it looks relatively small. The same thing happens to me with the "digital" theme. I see it too complicated and I need a lot of help (more than usual)
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    Oh *that* chair! I hadn't even seen that one in the first picture. Must change my specs ??
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    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that’s for muggle visitors.
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    Just got a few boards in. From left to right... GRHV78xxx, GRHV79xxx and to the right is a new experimental digital alternator. It’s stackable for balanced
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    Well I decided to pull the trigger on the omega seamaster bullhead. It arrived today at my local AD. It will live there for some time.. I need to build up some more good will with the wife before bringing it home. I am supposed to buy one watch a year, this would put me at 3 watches in 13 months. The core of my collection is now complete as I really wanted a chrono but did not have one. Stock photo of the variant I got, will do wrist shot when I can pick it up. Hoping to bring it home before the end of the year.
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    I have tried equalizing using EqualizerAPO based on reference FR charts. It transformed my KSE1500 into a $5 earbud.
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    wish I grew up with this music - but happy to find goodies in my elder days..
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