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    The Smiths or The Cure?.... hmm today I prefer The Cure. "Disintegration" is my favorite album I love this nice "Deluxe Edition"
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    Hope it’s a great one!
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    Oh no - it’s just short stop along the road…
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    Half a year ago I promised to build a new original DIY T2. Now it’s done. After some difficulties with left channel and PSU she is playing as an original DIY T2 does!!! Thinking of retire and feeding ducks. No more modifications to an amplifier that can’t be improved. …never trust an addict
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    We still need you Carl! Have a great one! Cheers!
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    Two new amps have just been announced: https://stax.co.jp/products/srm-700t/ https://stax.co.jp/products/srm-700s/
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    The original DIY T2 I just finished sounds outstanding . Now, I don’t want to compare the mini T2 with The Famuos DIY T2 - which I believe is the ultimate electrostatic amplifier a DIYer can build. But I’m very happy with the outcome of the mini T2. All heaters are AC.
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    Happy Birthday! Please Dew Drop Inn!
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    Homemade pork chili verde. God I love this stuff.
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    I took these two fellows.. …on a ride to big brother who has his own original Kevin DIY T2 PSU (reduced voltages - everything else as original). With this PSU both mini T2 are silent - no annoying hum. Here they are all together.
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    I'll nominate Luciano Vincenzoni who just died. Known as "the script doctor" he wrote and fixed somewhere around 70 films including Leone's For a Few Dollars More & The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Wilder's Avanti!, Germi's Seduced & Abandoned, and even Schwarzenegger's Raw Deal. Seems like he hated a good chunk of his work, hung with William Holden, Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis (there's a trio), and was generally badass.
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    RIP Elijah Cummings. Hisleadershipwill be missed.
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    Happy 2^6th Birthday Carl! or is that Happy 0b1000000 Birthday Anyway. Have a great day!
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