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    Finally she (in the middle, on the Prosecco) arrived from India. Surrounded by her new family.
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    Got to see Sarah McLachlan for the first time tonight. Such a great concert.
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    95% of my use is for espresso, or "allongée" espresso. I'll probably keep another grinder for drip and French press. But this will let me put my commercial grinder into storage, it's too big and annoying for home use.
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    Aww, cute! Here are my kitties. They are about 6 months old - we got them in November. They are super loving.
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    Happy Birthday Jeff.
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    Happy Birthday! Buy something nice that you don’t already have. Oh, wait…
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    Inside the Stax SRD unit, there are a pair of step up transformers for audio signal and a step up voltage circuit for the bias voltage. The audio signal needs to be amplified a lot for it to be played on the electrostatic headphones. Many of electrostatic amps can swing the audio signal to over +/- 400V. The bias voltage for electrostatic headphones also needs to be stepped up from the main AC voltage. For Stax headphones, the bias voltage is 580V. So, the amplified audio signal together with this bias voltage of 580V can actually be more than 1KV.
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    Heck Shelly, I'd be super-loving too if I got spare ribs 😄 Adorable, though!!
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    RIP Kirk. Lots of great memories (drove my parents crazy imitating that horn from the Vikings).
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    hell yeah. i've been reading up on comparisons for drop coffee between niche and lido 3. largely ethiopian and kenyan. honestly i think i prefer south american coffee. the extra acidity from african is tough to balance... i guess it's probably not suppose to in some sense. you want fruit, you gotta have light roast with tons of acidity.
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    RIP Kirk. There was an interview on the radio this morning with someone who interviewed Kirk Douglas when he was 100. He said, to the effect "I don't know any actor now. All the greats - Laurence Olivier, Burt Lancaster - they are all of them dead. I'm pretty much the last one left". There is a sadness to that that quite chokes me up.
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