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  1. Bonnie is participating in a charity secret Santa at her work, It's pretty swinging, actually. Each employee gets to expense $100 for gifts for some disadvantaged kid. Bonnie's kid is a 13 year old girl. She wants some typical "girl stuff" and an MP3 player. So, we need a circa $50 MP3 player. A quick perusal of Amazon suggests the Sandisk Sansa. But I have no idea what features are valued by the typical 13 year old girl. I do notice that the Sansa doesn't appear to support AAC. Is that a big problem? Do kids buy music from iTunes? Is 8 GB big enough? Would 4 be enough? (4 GB Sansas come in cool colors. The 8 GB one seems to be only in Model-T Ford black.) What about the FM radio feature? Do kids care about that today? Does anybody? I assume that a kids could care less about a Micro SD expansion slot. On Amazon, there seems to be Sansas and totally no-name Chinese models at this price point. Is there another brand we should look at? Didn't iRiver make a bunch of players in this price range at one time? http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Sansa-Clip-Player-Black/dp/B002MAPS6W/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1416622797&sr=8-5&keywords=mp3+player Paging anybody who knows a 13 year old.....
  2. If Apple is true to form, they'll shut down service to everything but their devices.
  3. And we're really hopeful about Tidal in part because.... http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com//2014/11/19/apples-plans-for-beats-music-start-to-take-shape/?smid=tw-nytimes
  4. Wow. This thread got real interesting all of a sudden. ( shuffles of to find the thing Grahame mentioned......)
  5. I've got s Bellari VP 129. (I think.it's not in front of me at the moment. It's the original version of the 130. ) it served me well for some time. $100 if you want it? It's got a Mullard re-issue tube (a 12AX7) if I remember correctly) as well as the stock nameless affair that came in it.
  6. The releases shouldn't be a big deal. They have to be done and done right but irs not too hard. We shoot in hospitals a fair bit. CJ. Call Ben Crandall at the Sun Sentinel. I'd be shocked if he doesn't want to do a story. It's a really good arts story. Sounds like a wonderful project.
  7. Hey, I liked the trade show part of the old CanJams. And as far as us hanging out, I think we can do that as well as ever. I'm there.
  8. Used the seat heater in my Smart. Up-northers would scoff, but it was chilly. And i forgot my jacket. It's supposed to warm up again tomorrow.
  9. Brought in the mail. Biggest post card I've ever seen. I've already voted, BTW. For the other guy. Meanwhile, I ordered four SD cards from Amazon for work. And Amazon is losing money on Prime shipping. Not a shock, really.
  10. Knucks, that blows. If you're not Walmart, doing business nowadays is just torture. I just bought the smallest bag of Halloween candy I could find. I couldn't bring myself to buy something that I can't stand (which was what Bonnie recommended), so if we have the same miserable lack of ghouls and goblins that presented last year, I'll be eating to many mini Reeses.
  11. Oh, and darned good to see vital signs, Fitz.
  12. I didn't know you could apply for Social Security at 39........
  13. That Red Pilot is tempting.
  14. I have a hyper neatfreak friend who loves hers. Her house is spotless, but of course, it would be.
  15. That's true but the edit in Grahame's clip where they went from the blue wire bisecting the frame to the red one made it all worthwhile. )
  16. My friend Jim has had one of those for a while now and likes it a lot. The only hassle is finding cases to fit
  17. Tortoise update. A couple guys found the tortoise (we think the neighbor calls it Herman) wandering up the street this morning. They figured it must belong to the neighbors and put it back inside their gate. One of them knew about tortoises as pets and said that this one was very friendly. It let him pet its head. The neighbors are out of town for a few days, so everybody on the street is going to have to be on turtle watch until they return.
  18. He does seem interested in me. I couldn't really tell if he was being friendly or if I looked like lunch. So I backed up through the gate and closed it. He had no interest in the grapes I offered him. I assume/hope such a creature is an herbivore.
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