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  1. Still higher in south Florida, but it was a thrill nonetheless to fill the Smart with premium yesterday for about twenty bucks.
  2. With the emphasis on good lawyer. Lawyers are that way. Good ones are a godsend. Bad ones are beyond useless. Get a really good one.
  3. Merry Christmas all! We've been doing Christmas stuff all day today, this time in Florida. It's been a two Christmas season this year. And what John said.
  4. Damn Larry, this is a nasty business. The main thing is that you're both still with us and in one piece. it sounds like everybody is pulling together and you've got people around you who will help you pull through. And whatever kind of car you were driving- buy that one from now on! no doubt. Have as merry a medicated Christmas as possible!
  5. I'm on the easy home from "Christmas" at my sister's. She hates wrapping as much as we do. She has a great collection of reusable holiday gift boxes and bags. It's great. There were only s few packages that had to endure my wrapping un-skills.
  6. December 12 tradition -- Celebrated the 29th anniversary of our first date with pub grub. (First date was in a pub. It didn't go too smoothly.)
  7. http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-biggest-music-comeback-of-2014-vinyl-records-1418323133 Is a pretty cool Wall Street Journal story on the record pressing industry. It includes a nifty slide show on QRP.
  8. RIP Michel du Cille I doubt anybody else here knew him. He was one of the very best in the business. A side note - Matt Schudel is a former colleague of mine, back in the day, at Sunshine Magazine. By Matt Schudel December 11 at 7:34 PM Michel du Cille, a Washington Post photojournalist who won the Pulitzer Prize three times for his dramatic images of human struggle and triumph, and who recently chronicled the plight of Ebola patients and the people who cared for them, died Dec. 11 while on assignment for The Post in Liberia. He was 58. He collapsed after returning from a village in the Salala district of Liberia’s Bong County, where he had been working with Post reporter Justin Jouvenal. He was transported over dirt roads to a hospital two hours away but died of an apparent heart attack. Mr. du Cille won two Pulitzer Prizes for photography with the Miami Herald in the 1980s and joined The Post in 1988. In 2008, he shared his third Pulitzer, with Post reporters Dana Priest and Anne Hull, for their investigative series on the treatment of military veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  9. I notice that they don't have many playlists yet. Beats does have good playlists. But Tidal has a radio feature. That's really a good thing. Now I'm getting a lot of dropouts and rebuffering through ickStream. (Which is in beta, after all). No problems with the Tidal web client, though.
  10. Update. Yes. It's playing just fine through the squeeze box. You can even search through squeeze commander. And both the Android version of Tidal and the ickStream app do not seem to suffer from the one song at a time issue. Maybe that's some sort of one-off with a particular Chrome version or something. Another update: it was upgrading chrome took care of the problem. Excellent.
  11. I signed up for the Tidal trial. And ickStream And installed the ickStream plugin on my Squeezebox server. And it seems to work! (Seems because I haven't gone in the den yet to actually play anything through the Squeezebox. It browses music and appears to be playing as I look at the server interface.) I like the Tidal web interface so far. It's easy to navigate and they have pretty much the whole catalogs of the two artists I clicked on as a test. (Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. But that's too easy. Let's see how they do with Fausto Papetti ;-) One issue though. In the Tidal web interface, it's playing only one song at a time. The play queue shows a list of songs, but I can't get it to play them in sequence. Bug? Or have I not done something?
  12. CarlSeibert

    The Wire

    And Amazon for that matter. I'm only about half way through the series.
  13. About to go clean cat hair off the couch for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
  14. Sennhieser Momentum On-Ears (in World Cup Commemorative colors) for $90 at Tiger Direct (In-store only, I think)
  15. Ah! Grahame's link carried the day. The current model seems to be the Sandisk Clip Sport, which is cheaper, comes in colors at 8 GB, and plays AAC. Weird that Amazon is still selling old stock of the model before the model before last at higher prices than the current one. The lack of Rockbox-ability, maybe. No worries, I'm pretty sure Barbie don't Rockbox ) Thanks guys!
  16. I was thinking more of Lala and what became Final Cut and stuff along that vein.
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