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  1. Helping people doesn't usually lead to a brutality beef. Workers everywhere have to live under a few arbitrary and draconian rules. I doubt there's any job anywhere that doesn't have some. Usually, those rues are to prevent some behavior that is intolerable to the employer. Or to protect the perceived integrity of the product. (A reporter who plagiarizes or takes a bribe or does any of a dozen things that would reflect badly on the institution is summarily fired, for example.) We, as employers, apparently have trouble finding anything that police do intolerable. We need to step up and establish that there are boundaries and set those boundaries like it's a matter of life and death. We need to make the behavior that leads to deadly horrors just as serious as failing to greet customers when they enter a big box store. I don't know what happened in Cincinatti, but usually it's shitty police work that leads to abuse and then that goes to shit and somebody gets killed. 99.9% of the time, when you read about some cop killing an unarmed person, there was a piece of really crappy police work at the beginning of the chain of causes. Normally, if an employee does something that starts a slide down the hill that leads to being marched out the door by security, he is well and properly motivated to change course, or bail. Cops today feel no such inhibition. Certainly not if the would-be victim is disenfranchised in some way. And too often, somebody dies for the cop's mistake - or malice. If, say, drivers lived in that environment, we'd never see anybody fired or charged for negligence that leads to an accident. I've never seen a cop kill a semi-innocent citizen right in front of me. But I've seen behavior bred of an attitude of absolute entitlement start the chain of events that could lead there literally hundreds of times. Knowing that a recording would lead to certain punishment puts a huge brake on that crap. (And that same recording is a really powerful lifeline in the rare cases when an unjustified complaint is filed. Or would be, if discipline ever happened. ) So, yeah, I'd be perfectly all right with employees knowing that their jobs depend on that camera working and not being tampered with.
  2. An absolutely rigid work rule that says any beef without a body camera record is an automatic firing offense would be a good start. And you're not alone, Jacob. The problem nowadays is that it's getting hard to find somebody who HASN'T been abused by the police. It's outrageous.
  3. Go Sushi! Enigma is seventeen and hanging in there.
  4. Maybe body cameras will make a difference. Let's hope.
  5. Jacob - Good luck with the opportunity Friday! The failed neutral thing is scary. I had that once for the whole house. I had my brain completely powered down and didn't realize what was going on or the ramifications. I had a really odd conversation with the power company guy on the phone. Me: We're experiencing sags. Power company guy: OK. Me: And it's the oddest thing. I'm seeing ten volts high on some of our circuits and ten volts low on the others. Power company guy (with noticeable change in tone of voice): You have a failing neutral line. We'll send somebody out. Me: That's great. When will they be here? Will they come tomorrow? Power company guy: Oh, they'll be there within twenty minutes! And fifteen minutes later two guys showed up, each driving an impressively enormous power company truck. They wired up a huge temporary umbilical. It was a giant extension cord, really. That they called it -oddly, I thought - a "ground strap". They ran it up my oak tree and over my neighbor's road to a transformer. It was fun watching them work. They have all the same stuff we do, but on a heroic scale. Solderless connectors that use a hydraulic jack to crimp. Shrink tube the size of a firehose. Stuff like that. A week later a crew came out with tunneling equipment and ran completely new underground service to my house. I'm lucky I called them when I did. Honestly, I just hadn't stopped to think what the high and low voltage must mean.
  6. May you have Chris's a/c luck! I never get off that easy. Jacob, was that a failed neutral line that was messing up your dishwasher, by chance?
  7. Good on you, Steve. For all the stated reasons. I wonder. What's the Christian religion's positron on hypocritical fucktards like those, eternity-wise?
  8. Condolences, Al. What everybody else said. We owe so much to our furry companions.
  9. I've gotten flashed for stopping a few feet "long" and not gotten a ticket. But that's down here. I have to assume that the people who review the tapes stay a tiny bit conservative for the sake of not drawing too much judicial scrutiny. Right now, most red light cameras in south Florida are suspended after some unfavorable court rulings. Many of the cities that have them have either stopped altogether or are looking for a way to gracefully back out of the scam. Dunno what the trend is elsewhere, but hopefully, this episode is drawing to a close.
  10. I thought the Elio interesting as well. It makes the Smart look huge. 84 mpg. If the AC works, it could be a thing.
  11. What the heck. Tapatalk just delivered Jeff's post office post to me two weeks out of sequence. Tapatalk UPS edition maybe?
  12. I guess it varies by area. In my neighborhood UPS are the ones who destroy things, lose things, deliver shit late, and are just generally dicks. The Post Office, by contrast, is on time or earlier, and the goods are usually in one piece. And FedEx is great. The sobering thought is that somebody lives where all three services suck.
  13. Chicken and waffle sliders at Shuck and Dive. With tater tots.
  14. Happy Birthday Shelly!!!!
  15. I dint think it was so bad that Lefsetz didn't "get" Tidal. But that Jay-Z doesn't seem to understand it it either is disturbing. Sigh.
  16. I just thought it was charming that there is such a thing as a homeless couple.
  17. I was just gonna say. ... killer piece of furniture....
  18. You'd think. I just had a hassle with B&H. They sold a bundle that doesn't exist. Cost them money to make good on it. (And then ups imprisoned and tortured the overnight replacement package. Never, ever use ups for anything important!) I told B&H that they needed to take down the phantom sku. A week later, it's still up. WTF. I put a review on out that basically says "don't buy this 'cause out didn't exist" most folks would be embarrassed......
  19. Recovering from the hangover from Bonnie's birthday party. The party, which had a gardening/jewelry theme was a great success. The centerpiece was a beyond fabulous cake, contributed by a neighborhood chef, who doesn't do cakes commercially, but bakes one occasionally if there's a challenge, or if she basically feels like it. (She's a super regular at the Southport, where we had the "do". Photo posted for Birgir's benefit. All but two of the plants are real and were live up until being murdered for inclusion in the cake. It's carrot cake, and the flavor was exquisite. It was surrounded by Oreo "dirt cakes" in plant pots, but I didn't get a picture of it all in proper condition. But the idea comes through. I was blown away.
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