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  1. Hmmm my friend Howard sold a boatload of thier original DAC amps.
  2. That'll be a huge test for Roon. Streaming services will come and go. That's the way of things. Will Roon be able to integrate the next one? If yes, huge win for all of us. Otherwise, it's back to each equipment maker to cobble something together. But the way, a cool feature in Roon is the ability to expert a complete listing of all your albums in Tidal in a spreadsheet. (Which MIGHT even turn out to be inportable in the next service. At the least, it will be a reasonable cut and paste job. ) I remember recreating my MOG connection into Tidal from screenshots. Ugh. To me, getting past your collection being ephemeral is one of the biggest obstacles to the streaming model.
  3. Donut is watching a YouTube playlist of videos for cats. He likes the birds better than the squirrels. He seems to be down with the spacebar, but "skip this ad in n seconds" is clearly beyond him. It's adorable.
  4. Hmm. Looks Russian-ish to me, though it's not. I love Russian watches. And Jacob, the Jeager is way cool. Not for me, because I already have more dress watches than I could ever wear, given that I just about never dress up. But lust-able anyway.
  5. Well, shit in my hat and punch it... This was in my email from, of all places, Crate and Barrel. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/crate-and-barrel-launches-the-listening-room-collection-300307538.html
  6. Spent a couple hours with Roon and I'm impressed. I cruised around my collection more or less like I would with real vinyl records. That's a pretty giant leap forward for me. Being able to seamlessly go between my files and Tidal's is great. I really like what they're doing with metadata. The suggestions, the radio feature, all cool. And who knew I had six performances of Leonard 'hallelujah!' I'm not in love with the UI. It feels like an of the shelf WordPress theme to me. But it's getting the job done. There are some technical issues for me. I don't think it will run on my current VortexBox. So, the plan at the moment is to run RoonServer on my file server and keep the data store and the other servers on the music server. If I can work that out, Roon gets my $120 a year.
  7. So you heard this on a computer based Tidal client. Interesting. That pretty well absolves the Android USB driver. I compared Tidal via USBAP (which has its own driver), Tidal via its own client, and the same songs, although different files, though Squeezeplayer from my own server (uses the native Android driver) and couldn't hear any difference between USBAP and Squeezeplayer. But I did between the Tidal client and the other two. What the heck could they be doing to the signal in their client, I wonder? Level normalizing, badly done, maybe? Hmmm Meanwhile, I looked at Roon. It looks brilliant. It looks like they've overlayed a an engaging interface on DLNA, Sqeezebox, and whatever other protocols they feel like, so people can use their existing audiophile gear. It's like Vortexbox all grown up. With a sustainable business model. I looked on their Linux page and it looked competent and straightforwardly documented. I think I'll whip up a virtual machine and give it a go.
  8. Dolce de Leche nitrogen ice cream. Bonnie had chocolate with cookie dough .
  9. Has anybody else heard a sonic difference between Tidal's own app and others? While I was laid up with little to do except listen to my portable rig, Tidal though USB Audio Player Pro was way better, in all the usual moar-better-audio ways, than Tidal though its own app. Enough so that I checked my settings to make sure to make sure I hadn't accidentally switched to the low quality stream. That wasn't the case. Nor did it appear to be that USBAP's driver was mysteriously better than Android's. Very strange.
  10. What Steve said. Happy Birthday POTUS!
  11. CarlSeibert


    Most interesting! News people are taught to fear shotguns indoors because first reflections from the source can hit the side vents and make the things comb filter in an ugly way. And Steve is also right that news people who don't work for NPR don't get to touch $1,600 microphones very often )
  12. CarlSeibert


    Cool. Unusual choice for a vocal mike though, eh?
  13. If I find a headphone too bright or too sterile, I most definitely would not like its voicing. Just sayin'
  14. Coverage seems to me to be the 800 pound gorilla. And it's different among the carriers in each market. You can't really generalize. In Aspen, T-Mobile may be the bomb. On your street, it may suck. (And really, coverage in your own house is the thing that matters most. ) I would advise a very local approach. Do your friends' phones work in your house? When you talk to people with different carriers around town, which ones give trouble? For what it's worth, where I live Sprint and Verizon are nearly perfect all over town. AT&T is almost as good, and T-Mobile is generally good. But nearly perfect doesn't mean diddles if there's a dead spot in your back bedroom or on the way to your office.
  15. What Steve said. That, and I replaced my ancient Oral- B with a Sonicare (whatever one that's two for a hundred bucks at Costco) and I like it just fine. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
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