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  1. I had some drop outs early on and haven't had many lately. Hopefully, the experience in Spain will follow the same pattern.
  2. David Carr died. He was the New York Times media critic made famous by his investigation of my former employer, which was featured in the movie 'Page One'. As reported by Lefsitz: http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2015/02/13/david-carr/
  3. I'm of the school that you don't need a pull there, but some pulls can be fiddled so they can be installed from the front. The handles of our French doors are actually drawer pulls. They had a fake screw head as a decorative element. Mr Drawer Pull, meet Mr Drill Press. )
  4. The guy on Yahoo! seems like a reasonable human being. That he actually got results in his blind test is interesting. And contradictory to his very reasonable assumption that that it's had to hear the difference between lightly compressed material and uncompressed material. And to his also reasonable argument that remasters should sound better and that should swamp the difference in the files. Most such exercises just return null and the high priests tell us that null isn't really null if you truly believe. (My doctor lately seems to enjoy laughing at the stupidity of the results of blind and meta drug studies, which is a little concerning, such drugs are qualified with such tests in the first place.) Could maybe the choice of transducers have dictated Yahoo! Guy's results? Like maybe there was less brightness with the phone? And then there's dumb luck. Or the burning desire to debunk anything that can be debunked for the clicks. "Yeah, it works, but it's not 'disruptive' " isn't the sexiest steely line ever.
  5. It's been working perfectly for me lately. Which just makes me more pissed now....
  6. Seriously cool, Ian. I spotted a lost phone on the road while bicycling. It always makes me feel good to return such a thing to its owner. But this one probably won't be going home. I
  7. And yet another promising streaming service enters the death spiral.
  8. I use AAA for batteries. I love it got that. They come to me, wherever my battery dies ( which never send to be at my mechanics flute some reason) They charge about the same as the big box joints. But the big thing is that you can actually use their warranty, because you don't have to buy a replacement at some random place. (In Florida, that means I only have to pay for every other battery, since no battery lasts for the whole warranty period.) The other advantage is that they week test your battery, clean up our replace cables and connectors and the like, whether or not you need a new battery, and usually for no charge beyond membership. So, if I don't have my jumper cables on me, I'd probably call then for a jump.
  9. CarlSeibert

    The Wire

    Interesting. I watched an episode on Amazon (mid way through season 5) and it was 16:9 and what Iooked like about 720p. They must have updated their files.
  10. I knew of that record in the 80s, but I never had a copy. Now that the memory is reawakened, I'll keep an eye open for it when I go to the record store.
  11. I had completely forgotten about listening to the 1812 Overture (yup, the part with the cannon) over and over on the family console system as a tiny kid, of like four or five. Or maybe that was where an interest in guns came from. Or maybe every kid back then listened to that record and thought it was cool because of the cannon. I have that record. I don't know if the copy I have is that record or one I bought more recently because of the association. It's on Mercury, if I remember right. Anyway, I'll have to dig it out, give it spin, and see it that's a for-real, proper audiophile cannon shot.
  12. So, in addition to poor photography skills, the guy has poor vision. Come to think about it, maybe all his pictures are out of focus but they look right to him....
  13. Peter - That blows in a big way. May something truly horrible happen to the piece of shit thief and may you be the lucky guy who gets his stuff back. (It does happen sometimes.) Please ignore the life-affirming, generally optimistic advice that I'm fixing to bestow on CJ. Your thief should just be kicked in the balls. CJ - Radiology might be the bomb. Frankly, if I was young enough, smart enough, and generally at all doctor material in any way, it's probably something that would appeal to me. That said, I've spent oodles of time with paramedics, NGO workers, the occasional ER doc, and people who work with emergencies generally. When those folks have a good day and make a save, it's an outrageous high. It's a feeling beyond just job satisfaction. The days that don't work out so well pretty well suck. It's one of those roller coaster versus slow steady climb deals. You've got plenty of time to figure out which path fits for you. That said, I think it helps generally to remember that some people are just broken. And we don't have the luxury of knowing how they got broken or who's responsible for breaking them. (It ain't me. I swear. I was out of town at the time.) Some can be fixed. Some can't, maybe because of lack of resources, lack of heart, or because we simply don't know how. The people who make great emergency responders can focus on the first group, the people who have the potential of giving them the greatest thrill in the world. Which, by the way is a decent trade for saving said victim's butt from whatever, IMHO. Win-win, and all that. I'm not saying it's right for you, but it's worth a thought. Another way of looking at shit you're tempted to judge is that it might be put there as a test. Back in the day, I spent a few days with a pair of paramedics - good ones. They had a poster in their bunk room. It said, in fancy medical language, "Remember, diabetics can present like drunks." They made a point of looking at that poster every shift, before bed. Those two people went on to great careers. They were on a unit that rode an outrageous number of calls - like eighteen a day or some such. I have no idea if they owed their success to having their discipline tested by hundreds of drunken homeless clowns, but I doubt it hurt. (I also have no idea whether diabetics still look drunk-like by the time they get to a doctor, BTW. It might just be something that applies to firemen.) Some people can't help but fixate on the people who aren't repairable. The potential consequences of that could include a career in something quixotic like, ahem, journalism, or working for legal aid. Which is all fine and dandy if you don't mind the feeling of shoveling poo against the tide every day for a few decades, and.... relative poverty. Or maybe there's something like medical research, which, I sincerely hope, might pay decently. Could be an option if you're driven that way.
  14. My Dad taught me to build simple circuits as a kid. I remember little pieces of perf board and the smell when you hit your finger with the iron (which I must have done a lot, if I can remember it all these years later). In high school I had a little system with a reel-to-reel tape deck and a turntable and electronics that became incrementally better over time. That must of been the first onset of audiophillia. But the thing I remember most was not having music for a while. When I moved to Florida, there were no apartments available. The vacancy rate in the whole city was a percentage point or two. I rented a condo from a colleague. He was selling the condo (or trying to. A common joke at the time was "what doesn't fit, an insurance salesman, the clap, of a condominium?", the punch line was "the clap" because you could get rid of that.) In exchange for really cheap rent, I had to treat the place like a hotel room - minimal clothes in the closest, none of my furniture, no stereo - so he could show it at any given moment. I stayed there for about six months until I found a "real" apartment. The thing I missed most and wanted as soon as I got to my own place was my own music. It wasn't long after that that I felt I could afford better speakers. I went up and down and up and down Federal Highway with a copy of Heart's 'Dog and Butterfly', visiting every audio shop repeatedly. I guess that was it.
  15. We'll, that part worked out. The carpet looks great, by the way.
  16. I didn't know that Sony even had stores. But life without target would be bleak.
  17. ickStream conked out on me yesterday. I was navigating and doing stuff and then I wasn't. Lists no longer populated. I haven't tried it today, but I imagine that it's probably fine again. The joys of beta.
  18. Interesting that the MOG guy is also peeved.
  19. And now....... hehehe Lawsuit Alleges Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine Swindled Beats Partner http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/lawsuit-alleges-dr-dre-jimmy-iovine-swindled-beats-28043213
  20. A much better way to look at it. Thanks, Larry.
  21. The drop out issue I was having with ickStream seems to have abated, for whatever reason.
  22. Damn Double damn. The kid was only nine years old. I thought Jerry's kids were adults. She didn't get a chance at life.
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