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    The Bridge

    I've never looked for it. What service is it on?
  2. Bonnie and my wonderful friends staged a surprise "cycle party" today. This is a mobile bar propelled by pedaling bar stools equipped with cranksets. It's really strange. So strange that it's a giggly riot. And then there is that hat. Everything sounds kind of boomy and there's a sort of reverb effect. Note Mike and John and the customization of the vehicle in the picture.
  3. Thanks all! It's been a good day.
  4. CarlSeibert

    The Bridge

    My sister raves about the show. I guess I'll give it another chance.
  5. Had to call Sprint to get my phone re-provisioned. My account had forgotten how to accept incoming calls. Just refreshing from my end wouldn't do it. Thing is, it had been out of whack for over a week before I noticed. Most people just text nowadays. Gotta give props to Sprints customer service. After 60 seconds of nonsense about how track the shipping on an iPhone, the human answered on the third ring and fixed my phone with no fuss. A few years ago, their customer service blew. It's shocking to see a corporation actually fix something like that.
  6. Nice! Nomos rules! That movement is beautiful. (Which immediately distinguishes it from the 7750, which, despite its many virtues, isn't the most attractive thing.)
  7. CarlSeibert

    The Bridge

    Hmmm. I only watched the pilot. Somehow, I couldn't get past the idea that somebody gave a gun to the lead character. I just felt like she was going to endlessly annoy me. Does that feeling go away in subsequent episodes? And it's expensive, too. I want to say four bucks an episode on Amazon for HD. I want Holder and Linden back!
  8. Tyll, I thought I heard a bit of a 10k 'bump' Is that in the ballpark of what you heard? They were "lighter" sounding than either of the Audezes or the HE 500, too. That, plus the 'bump' could come from what you're saying, but I didn't hear any lack of resolution - that I recognised- in the treble. Of course, I did say that they lacked "bite" . Hmmm. Maybe we were listening to the same headphones. It seems to me that certain music shows some faults and strengths while other music highlights other stuff. Choose too many pieces and you confuse yourself too the point of stupidity. Too few and..... forming an opinion from one listening session is a chancy affair. My personal bet is that the LCD-Xs will win out in my system just based on how the other components "lean". Or LCD 3s, maybe? I liked them in my system. You wouldn't by chance have measurements on these two phones, would you?
  9. I got to listen to the HE 560s in a good environment last week. I was impressed. If female jazz vocals are your thing and you happen to have the source and amp I heard them on, they are out of the park. (Cary HH-1 with my Fiio X-5 ; Diana Krall and Badi Assad. I rather like the Cary, by the way. ) Yes, I belittled the new headband. But it turns out to be outstanding. These are EXTREMELY comfy headphones. I heard the LCD-Xs at the same sitting. My impression was that the LCD-Xs were more constantly excellent across different types of music. The HE 560s were a little polite for rock. But when they were on, they were on. I tried a good silver cable on the 560s and that did move them a bit in the direction of the LCD-Xs for music that needed a tad more bite. In the fullness of time, I'll listen to both again on my own system, with a wider selection of music, and we'll see what happens.
  10. This is just perfect: Bose also has a new sponsorship deal with the National Football League that has seen the league prohibit players from wearing Beats headphones while in the presence of television cameras at practice and on game days. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick defied the ban by wearing bright pink Beats headphones at a postgame press conference last Sunday, a move that saw the league hit Kaepernick with a $10,000 fine.
  11. I went to roller derby. Strange sport. One of Bonnie's co-workers is a blocker on the local team. The opposing team had way shorter shorts, but not much depth on offense and they seemed a bit clumsy on defense, apart from a few standout players. Ultimately, the locals handed them a doleful drubbing, 232 -117. If I ever feel the desire to punish a photographer, I'll send him to this. The light is horrible, the rules are incomprehensible, and the backgrounds are cluttered as crap. It would be like cricket in shitty light.
  12. Because I can't remember what thread this tidbit belongs in. http://www.businessinsider.com/bose-dismisses-patent-infringement-lawsuit-against-beats-2014-10 Bose Agrees To Dismiss Its Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Beats
  13. I'm looking for a replacement for my now worn-to-a-frizzle CountyComm Bail-Out bag. Has anyone put the Red Oxx CPA under the seat in front of them? Does it fit? Is there any room left for your feet? Does it really stand up and not topple over like they say in the ad copy?
  14. When you are maintaining content on a site, there are advantages to working on a CMS (like WordPress) rather than static pages. On the other hand, coding static pages is a great way to learn. You can get an account for free at WordPress.com. We won an account at SiteGround in a raffle and it looks like a dandy hosting service. I haven't put anything except a couple of email redirects there yet, but the tools look top notch and the support people are great. The WordPress cognoscenti seem to like that company.
  15. Damn. Is it flu shot season again? It seems like I got one a couple weeks ago. I needed to get a case for a new DAP today. I went to Office Depot, where in the past they have had a huge selection of camera cases for small cameras. They've been my go-to for cases for any small gadgets. Nada! They had three units of something useless. Basically, small cameras are over, at least as far as brick and mortar retailers are concerned. I went to four places, including the hell known as Best Buy. Where just a few months ago there was whole counters of small cameras and accessories, there is now - other stuff. I settled for a small camcorder case at Tiger Direct. It's ugly, but it will get the job done. Amazing how fast a market can change/ disappear (and sometimes reappear)
  16. Mike, yes. Somewhat hyperbolically. Larry - my point exactly. Human interactions that turn to shit don't generally follow specific, concrete protocols. It's all a fuzzy, confused spectrum of stuff that spirals down. The rules should recognize that and be an incentive for people to try to limit the damage as much as possible. I understand it's a tricky subject for government. I'm sure there's a zillion legitimate options, but I think the mess we have just too often encourages the worst of human nature (on everybody's part)
  17. Installed audiophile exhaust fan in the bathroom. .8 sonne, they claim. Whatever that may translate to. Sadly, it will never achieve anything like that. The flex duct from the roof to the bathroom is a long, snaking affair that necks down from 4" to about six feet of 3" at the fan end. There's way too much back pressure. So you can hear a lot of air moving, or trying to. And a little bit of sheet metal noise that might could benefit from some damping. The stupid duct is inaccessible. I can see it from an access panel in our bedroom closet but I can't reach it from there. I thought maybe from the hole I made for the new fan I could get hold of enough of it to replace the 3" part, but no dice. Regardless, the new fan is one heck of a lot quieter than the rattling piece of scrap metal that was the old one. Moves more air, too.
  18. Sadly, so true. But it's worse. Prosecution, not a lawsuit. In Florida, they just passed a new law that allows self defense that fails to kill in SOME circumstances. (How enlightened, better late and in half measure than never and whatnot) You still can't use the words "common sense" and "Tallahassee" in the same sentence. Cops have had forever rules that include proportionality and escalation in defining reasonable use of force.* How hard would it be to include those ideas for those of us who pay their salaries? How hard would it be to have the same rules for everybody, like even a few feet across the state line, considering we're talking really basic rights here? It's a screwed up, deadly world out there. *not that they often follow them.
  19. Eset does it, too. But not with the cool inactivity.
  20. Most excellent Birthday! Congrats Wayne!!!
  21. Bonnie made us matching "B - C 24" rubber wristbands for our anniversary.
  22. Or for Windows? That looks like a cool program.
  23. Went for anniversary weekend at a fancy hotel on the beach. It was only 35 blocks away, but it was very 'vacation'.
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