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  1. Trying the Elear earpads on the Utopias. It's like getting two! two! headphones for the price of one extraordinarily expensive one. Tyll measured the FR difference between the pads and on paper it looks like a minor difference. On my head, it's as if they're different headphones. Instead of maybe too cool with maybe a bright spot, you get maybe too warm and bass that's maybe (likely) too big. Dynamics in the lower mids are nicer. I'm wondering a little how they would sound with silver cables, which would be the last thing I would consider with the Utopia pads. For me, the Elear pads are more comfortable. They are a sort of rough-ish chamois-like leather instead of the shiny glove leather of the Utopia ones. More like velour, which is usually my preference. The big question is which is better, emotional-connection-with-the-music wise. At this point, I think I'm leaning toward the Utopia pads.Tyll wrote that he preferred the Elear pads. We'll see. Or hear.
  2. Happy Birthday, if a tad belated!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Steve!! And the day after your birthday. And the day after......
  4. Bonnie traded the Honda she's had for twenty two years for new new one. Blue, this time
  5. CarlSeibert


    Disjointed seems worth a look. Very short episodes. We've been watching two at a go.
  6. Belated, but I hope you had the most happy of Birthdays!!!
  7. The speakers in my Smart weren't sounding quite right, so I replaced them. (I had gotten out of the habit of listening to the radio for the better part of a year. I guess during that time the surround rolls went from...well, they just went...
  8. Pretty sweet to see him go to jail for that......
  9. A friend gave me this cool t-shirt. It's a patent drawing of a Jensen headphone from the late fifties/sixties. A little before my time. Did anybody know the story of these things? We're they an innovation? Did they ever amount to anything?
  10. Temperatures are plunging. Some of Bonnie's plants are under heat lamps.
  11. Intriguing. If you do this, plz report back..... And I gotta say, those Schiit guys do some interesting stuff.
  12. Indeed! Eat, drink and be merry!
  13. Thanks, everybody! It is tough. Saturday was one of the worst days of my life. But we'll recover. Donut and Jazz are starting to behave a little more normally. And looking after them will help keep us focused on the positive.
  14. Enigma has passed away. We loved her with all our hearts. She was kind. She was tough. She was smart. I'll never be able to express my gratitude for all she gave me. Tears on my keyboard.
  15. I think you're on the right track, Nate. In the near term. - and maybe forever - mono could be fine. If a "temporary" solution lasts long enough, maybe wireless possibilities might mature to the point of practicality.
  16. Happy Birthday, Birthday co-conspirator!!!!!!!
  17. Happy Birthday, Birthday co-conspirator!!!!!!!
  18. Many thanks, guys! Actually, Bonnie had a lot of stuff going on yesterday, so we're doing ongoing Birthday today. Or diffuse Birthday. So, celebratory mood for a while. It'll be the new fashion in birthdays.....
  19. Interesting how different these things are in different neighborhoods. Here in Oakland Park, winds never got over 50mph or so. Wilma did 30k in damage to my house. This one blew an aluminum vent cover off. There was, of course, the obligatory 100 mph gust at the port. But if my neighbor sneezes, there's a 100 mph gust at the port.
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