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  1. Waited for trick-or-treaters. Ate Halloween candy. Nobody showed up. Kids nowadays.
  2. Downloaded this last week butt only listened last night. Very nice indeed.
  3. I've had good luck with blinds of blu tak a couple times. Easy enough to try some cones vs absorbtive stuff and see what happens. But I've never been able to come to grips with what blu tak does. It doesn't seen to me to have enough mass to actually absorb anything. Maybe it's just glue.
  4. I love that "what is aes67 and why should I care?"headline. Since the story didn't tell me either thing. So. Somebody, what the heck is this protocol? And if it's got for real error correction, I could be seeing the point, vis USB....
  5. Voted. 13 minutes in to out. Not bad at all. Beats the 2012 election and its three hour wait. Of course we did the research in advance so I knew which constitutional amendment was fraudulent (it is Florida after all) which county charter items were so inside baseball that there was no point in even trying and - at Bonnie's insistence - which drainage district candidates might be scoundrels. Although she might have been a little harsh on her markup of the sample ballot. The mere fact of residing in the city of Pompano Beach may be taking guilt by association a bit too far....
  6. Go Steve. It's really a fucked up thing that there are people in the world who need to be punished. But you've found yourself one. Do what needs to be done.
  7. Went out canvassing for Hillary in a largely-immigrant working class apartment complex in Dania. Since I have no language skills, there was a fair amount of pointing to her picture and making hand gestures for "vote" This is actually kind of a big deal after 40 years of being ethically enjoined from publicly supporting a political candidate.
  8. I carry a pair of Focal Sphears in an etymonic zip up case for that sort of thing. They actually sound pretty effing good for the price. (A mere six times your budget ) this is head-case after all. (Be warned, the Sphears take a LONG time to break in. Way worse than Etys. )
  9. Thanks guys! We did have a great day.
  10. If nobody wants the blue ones, you could send them over to my house.....
  11. As of 7 PM, the storm was fucking up West End and Freeport. That puts it about 100 miles from my house, 115 or so from Mike's and it should get further away after a few hours. I guess we had tropical storm winds briefly at Port Everglades, but right now it's 20, gusting 35 (mph, not knots). So no damage for us that some liniment won't fix. Peeps in the Bahamas not so lucky. Their two biggest cities took direct hits. They'll be needing some help, I'm sure. And heaven knows what kind of mess there is in Haiti. Haven't heard from my friend has has an orphanage down there. That place is so fragile.
  12. Put up old school plywood shutters on half the house (accordions and roll-ups on the other half). It feels like the damn things having been gaining weight faster than I have in the 22 years since we made them. If Mike (one of the fittest people I know) is too old for this hurricane shit, I'm seriously too friggin' old. Hopefully impact windows on the remaining windows next year....... Like Mike said, this thing is probably not going to hit us, but not doing all the preparations would be like going to a riot without a vest because you think drunk people don't aim well. One twitch in the wrong direction could be seriously bad.......
  13. It's catching, apparently. 26th anniversary today. Just returned from awesome dinner at San Angel.
  14. I like my HA-2. It gives a slightly warmish, tubey sound on most of my headphones. The NAD HP-50s don't like it, but pretty much all the others do. Why don't they make the damned phones twice as thick? They'd be easier to handle and the batteries would run for days. Grrr.
  15. Naw, it's just not great writing. The format of the piece - writer says gadget works > expert explains the problem the gadget addresses > writer weaves said explanation into his summary, is sound enough. He just didn't tie the threads together all that well. He could have simply let the reader make their own connection. He could have directed Rankin a little closer to the issue at hand. He could have framed his wild speculation in a transparent but yet amusing way. Woulda coulda shoulda. It's not an easy thing, especially when most publishing today has zero editorial supervision or quality control. [insert dead serious rant about how we can destroy our society this way here]. I have a lot of sympathy for reviewers and especially for the people who have to write advertising copy for high end audio goods. (imagine yourself trying to write a fifty word copy block for a cable ad.) Human nature flat out demands a "technical explanation" of why a gizmo works, whether or not that information is actually available. Our man here listened to the gizmo and said the gizmo works. He quoted some pretty reasonable-sounding PR from the manufacturer. He brought us a lovely primer from Rankin. He did all kinds of good work, but he felt he just HAD to go that one extra step and it detracted from his piece. Still, on balance, his review gives pretty good value for money, given that we got ti free and he probably made chump change writing it. He hipped us to two promising gizmos and gave us the Rankin bit.
  16. Ana Popovich with her dad. Pretty cool for Ana fans. http://tidal.com/album/44564503
  17. Craig, I got to hear that amp a while back. It is what they say it is. Very, very nice.
  18. Nice feline family! Are you going to keep one or, ahem, more?
  19. I managed to get to the Dixie Pig and satisfy that corn dog jones today. No pic for what are you eating now because, well, it's gone now. )
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