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  1. Best I can tell from the Roon forum, some streamer apps (including Roon) can pass the MQA stream though to an MQA DAC. Some apps (Tidal, and soon several others, including Roon) can our will eventually be able to transcode the stream to whatever resolution it represents. But i can't see how the matching filter thing could be implemented for an arbitrary DAC. If so, software decoding won't be able to provide the "complete" MQA expense. So, for me, it's "95% of 95%", whenever I can figure out the logistics of getting the signal to the DAC in the system I actually want to use it in.
  2. This thing feels to me like it could be pretty significant. Put aside all the conspiracy theory nonsense and what you've got is a distribution format that allows streaming good quality at a reasonable bandwidth cost. Considering that all music nowadays (more or less) is all distributed via streaming. That's huge. Yeah, MQA fake 24/whatever might not be quite as good as real 24/whatever, but that's not the point. With truly lossless encoding, for each itty bitty little increase in quality you have to pay double in bandwidth. Streaming services at real lossless 24/92 (or whatever)? Faggida
  3. I just realized Toots Thielemans died this year. Has to be the worst year ever.
  4. The Utopias visited at my house last week, in the company of my friend Jim. Pretty darned impressive. The speed and finesse of an electrostatic with the guts of a dynamic and all that cliche stuff. Wonderful top end. As in actually for real, not just prominent. Very fine resolution across the band. And super tight, tuneful bass. Somebody here (JP?) described them as "clean". That's pretty apt. They're fast,fast, fast. It's all the music and none of the noise. Sense of space was palpable in a way that I've not heard before, certainly on dynamics. In comparison to other headphones we had on han
  5. I haven't been in this thread for a few days either. Wow, Steve, kickbacks are scary. I'm glad to hear you're on the road to recovery. My father-in-law used to work in a shop at a school. Somebody had a kickback that went halfway through a concrete block wall. (Fortunately without going through the guy first) They left the piece of wood sticking out of the wall as a motivational showpiece. Made an impression on me. Really should get a riving knife for my old Unisaw.
  6. Bonnie has a pair of PX 100s that she loves for the office, but needs more (our at least some) isolation. The other alternative would probably be the Urbanites. But those seen a bit visually imposing.
  7. Happy Birthday Todd!!! Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  8. A little belated, but Happy Birthday Gene!!!
  9. These cats make me smile )
  10. Thanksgiving dinner included.............sweet potato biscuits Paging Brent.....
  11. Wasn't Tyler in Istanbul, like, moments ago?
  12. And you can buy it in shops at very trendy addresses.
  13. I read somewhere that wasn't the case. You'd get a bad value. Then that was supposedly poo-poo-ed because if you got an error on the most significant bit, the sonic world would end and everybody would hear it. The poo-poo-ing made me very suspicious, because an error on the MSB would be a lot like a zero-crossing error. I've made, well, a few zero-cross errors in editing and nobody ever noticed. But I suspect that one every hundred thousand samples or million samples or so would probably sound like bad sounding digital. All of which suggests to me exactly what you said: Buffer enoug
  14. What Al said. It's a very sad week.
  15. Did a double shift canvassing today. Just about everybody I talked to had already voted. That's a good sign. And the patties weren't bad.
  16. Was sent to an important zone in Lauderhill for canvassing. The Hillary for President campaign headquarters was a table in the back of a jerk restaurant. I kid you not. Going back there tomorrow. Will report on the patties.
  17. Waited for trick-or-treaters. Ate Halloween candy. Nobody showed up. Kids nowadays.
  18. Downloaded this last week butt only listened last night. Very nice indeed.
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