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  1. There's also THAT - http://www.neurochrome.com/product/that-receiver/ The board's a bit pricy, but should be easy to implement.
  2. Well, 10Ah would mean 2x the size. No way around it. As for the new design, I hope the cold sterile Sabre sound has been warmed up a little. Otherwise it has always struck me as a stellar offering technologically way above the rest and at a killer price. All in all - go Oppo! I really like my PM-3.
  3. I'm game. I just wonder how many to get to be on the safe side...
  4. Narp, extra 1.25$ wouldn't be an issue. Any news on how's the best way to case the thing?
  5. I'm good with smt soldering and wouldn't want to ruin my oven! And that paste is super expensive.
  6. Well, you could say the same about Class AB and maybe even Class D. Even classic Class A doesn't guarantee anything, unless it's done right.
  7. I've heard nothing but bad rep about these bias changing class-A amps. Used to be all the rage in eighties.
  8. What are the dimensions of these boards? I might be up for a pair.
  9. Speedmaster-ey watch for poor sods like me and... okay, just me. http://www.nezumistudios.com/
  10. Well, we might as well manufacture the case to be fully sealed and fill it with mineral oil.
  11. What about solder-on sinks? Like here -
  12. What's the usual procedure for heatsinking smd devices? Sprinkling vias around or screwing on a small heatsink?
  13. Save for the smaller regs, everything else should be manageable. Just keep the parts from flying off the table.
  14. SMD, SMPS... Blasphemy! I'm actually super proud to see HC finally embracing the newer tech. How do these SMPS'es look under the scope? Does extra after-regulation help?
  15. The info on the sub is scarce. At first I thought that Equator guys were crazy enough to devise 18" coax main monitors. Here's the skinny - Frequency Response (-6dB): 15Hz - 180Hz Recommended Line Level Input: 10mV-2V Amplifier Power (LF): 1000W Amplifier Peak Power (LF): 2000W Sensitivity: 1w/1m output, 103dB Max SPL: ≥129 Input Impedance: 10kΩ L.F. Driver VC Size: 4” L.F. Driver (4- ohm): 18” Crossover Frquency: Software Configurable Inputs: XLR, USB, RS485 in/thru, ¼” phone jack Protection: Compression (LF), thermal, short circuit, under voltage Magnetic Shielding: No Enclosure alignment: Bass-reflex Enclosure Construction: 1” HDF baffle & 3/4” 13 layer Baltic Birch Finish: Black/Micro-Metallic Gray Dimensions H x W x D (in.): 29 x 25 x 25 Shipping Weight (lbs.): 160 Originally these sold for around 5k$, but now I'm able to get one for 800EUR shipped.
  16. The Q12's are anything but mild mannered. Stock they go down to low forties/thirties and with my SB-2000 sub it's pretty much 20-20k coverage. And 500+200W continuos power is something to behold. Fortunately DSP tames the horn driver, so there's not really a hint of harshness. Interestingly enough my SVS 12" sub has a hard time keeping up with the mains at high SPL's. The frenchman who sold me the Q12's has made me an extremely nice deal for the Equator Q18S sub. Think - 18", 1000W continuos and 16Hz -6dB point for a 160lb sealed box. On top of that I can daisy chain the sub to mains with a CAT5 cable and control all speakers via software. And yeah - the photo is super dark, because that made my room look less untidy.
  17. Yesterday finally acquired a pair of Equator audio Q12's. Yeah, I know - they're hardly audiophile with all their internal DSP trickery and 12'' drivers with compression horn tweeters are hardly appropriate for near field...
  18. That's germanium transistors. One guy from a Russian forum had a rather decent headamp schematic based on these things.
  19. Look up Nelson Pass's distortion measurements of the said attenuation method. They weren't too pretty. I use a combination of 24 step stepped attenuation for coarse steps and 28bit digital volume control for finer adjustments. Complex, but gets very good results.
  20. Killer remasters for some of my favorite Opeth albums.
  21. Well, it gave me some insight. Ultimately Damasko looks a bit too Sinn-like, and there isn't that much of a difference in price. Still. I need to blow some more money in audio projects, before I go for another watch. In the following year or so I intend to build a 4-way fully digital crossover unit. Standard digital inputs->SHARC processor for IIR/FIR->4xR2R DACS. Should kick Arsch.
  22. I'll think about brushing, the current look is starting to grow on me. So maybe it's nothing to get riled up about. P.S. Where did Jacobs's last comment disappear?
  23. Thanks for the tip. Fortis looks interesting. Have you looked at Damasko? Looks like an alternative to many Sinn models.
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