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  1. yes I ran the verify disk the screen is also getting darker as well weird? I did check the TV with my apple tv and that is fine. totally weird can't wait for the new mini to come out
  2. while the mini didn't sleep it still locked up overnight, bummer. Hope I can just get it to the next release. I may try a complete wipe of the drive and a restore from backup
  3. heard it at RMAF a few years back and it sounded great bybee bullshit or not. Stupid pricing but good sound none the less. I think it was either in the Abyss or Audeze room with several other TOTL amps and it sounded equal to or better than most in the room.
  4. just tried that, thanks Al I can't believe I didn't try that as a stop gap.
  5. command R sometimes results in a web boot or a menu or boot options (that sometimes include and sometimes doesn't include my OWC SSD) - it totally weird. I am using the mini now with no issues but once it goes to sleep I have to restart to get it to function and then it's 50/50 if I get the fishing folder.
  6. My mac mini (mid 2011 with an OWC SSD has started to slowly flake out during start up. Just about every other start up I get the white screen with the flashing folder icon, indicating that the mini can't find the start up disk. So far I have reset the PRAM and completed a reinstall of OS X from the web by doing the command R at start up. The mac also needs to be restarted after a multi hour sleep period as it goes into pinwheel and does not reposed until restarted. I'm trying to hold off on a new mini until the new 2016 models are released later this spring (at least that is the rumor) Any thoughts, could it be a bad logic board battery or just a failing logic board?
  7. Tom I would invite in a cheap pair of 300b tubes while sorting this out as the price on the WE just keep going up and up. Good luck as I really liked your modded Cary
  8. I love the Melco NA1 both from a sound perspective as well as a playback function. Once it is set up and you've got either bubble UPnP for android or one of the apple apps it's seamless. I do wish it had it's own app rather than using a 3rd party or other vendor (arcam or linn). My mac mini is in the process of dying and regularly fails start up (flashing white folder) so this made sense to me. I do think the Melco bests the Mini even with software (amarra or audirvana), SSD and 16gb ram. I do wonder how the aurender units sound and function and like that they support Tidal but I can do that with the Melco using the android bubble UPnP app. The local dealer Care Audio is great and he was a gent even attending the Philly meet with the Melco in my rig. I'll bring it with me for the June get together
  9. Stephen Happy Birthday brother!!!! Hope you have a great day
  10. Mike Happy Birthday, hope you are having a ball
  11. No I have.y tried the Dirac with symphony as it was another couple of hundred and I use studio monitors in a near - mid arrangement. Do you like the Dirac DSP?
  12. Jon right there with you, I just am about through with amara at this point as the tidal plater 2.0 crashes each and every time I open it and symphony 3.0 takes for ever to load a cd. It's just not worth it, now audirvana seems to be rock solid stable and sounds great. Not the best GUI but serviceable for my use, I really wish Roon was so ungodly expensive and had a better playback engine as the GUI and library/tidal integration is second to none.
  13. just ordered the intona and should have it next week, curious to see what impact it has
  14. thanks I just ran this script for OS X and it absolutely improves the sound quality. It reduces the overall functionality of the mini I am using like disabling safari but there is also a restore script for times I want all the processes it turns off to be back on. http://www.computeraudiodesign.com/osx-audio-optimization/
  15. Tom what do you think of the surrender n100h? I'm thinking of going that direction but want to make sure it's a step up sonically from my upgraded mini (sad, 16gb ram. Optimization scripts...) thanks for any insight you could provide
  16. Okey dokey off the dirty inter webs I go
  17. Was interested in these but have read the improvement is relative to the dac USB quality of implementation. I just picked up a Yggy so I'm not sure they'll provide much benefit but who knows. Other than the mojo have you had a chan e to try them on any other dacs? Thanks for the report out on these, I'd love to hear from the more technically inclined guys as to what benefit they could have.
  18. Anyone here own an Aurender or Lumin or something similar as a music server vs a PC or Mac. I use a mac mini and lately my mind has been infected with the thoughts of the Aurender N100 anyone else go that route or hear comparisons?
  19. my understanding is it is part of the gain stage prior to the j-fets but I am seriously technically challenged
  20. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day.
  21. I have some decent tubes in it so that could also be playing a part Amprex PQ 6922s, Tele Pcc88 and Seimens are all rolling in and out
  22. well worked out getting the amp tonight and damn is this isn't a major bargain for the sound. Going to roll a bunch of tubes over the next few weeks but very much a value at $850
  23. no, it's direct signature so I am fucked seeing as I work to be able to afford schiit. I'll have to pick it up on Wednesday if they follow through on the promise to drop it off at the local FedEx store
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