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  1. well my Metric Halo is acting up and need to send it in for service so I ordered the Oppo. Gives me a solid 30 days to decide if I like it enough i keep it as a utility infielder or at the worst ship it back to Mountain View.
  2. Gene Happy Birthday, sounds like it was a good one, can't wait to toast in person
  3. Bryan Happy Birthday, hope you're having a bourbon infused turkey!
  4. Thanks folks, headed to Brooklyn tomorrow i decided to celebrate with a trip to a few breweries/ bars in my home away from home
  5. Dang I see over a grand fleeing my wallet getting geared up
  6. Dinny Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.
  7. The GIK traps did wonders for my overly live room I had in PA, had diffuser panels behind me and the speakers on isolation stands all combined it improved things immensely
  8. The first five were pretty damn awesome! I'd be up for Death Valley camping - drinking and a fly by Can Jam
  9. jp11801


    very interested in feedback on the Casper, hope it works out for both of you. The 100 day hassle free return seems pretty solid.
  10. Good times!!! Happy birthday Carl
  11. I have a DX90 and love it
  12. no but both presentations were very different in a way that I had never heard by varying the VTF. Not sure what they weigh as they are tiny and I really really want to chalk this up to expectation bias but what I heard was different and in at least one case better. I am very open to the people running the demo (experiment) setting it up in a way that alters the outcome but that would seem like a risky move with the gear out tin the open. I did not closely examine the cart/TT as we were moving quickly to take in as much of the show as we could.
  13. We went to their room at RMAF, they are in the On Higher Note room run by Philip O'Hanlon. We heard some crazy shit, some small disc that was placed on the top of a phono cart that clearly changed the sound. There were two different varieties and each had a distinct sound to them, both appeared to sound better than stock. Three years ago it was small Tibetan monk prayer bowls that did change the room sound. These guys must have some sort of mass hypnosis capabilities. I'd like to buy the phono thingies to do needle drops with stock, flavor A and flavor B and post them without tagging which was which. I'd only do this though with a 30 day refund.
  14. I too thought the Leben was a POS very colored and sounded like what people would quantify a tube amp to be, soft top and bottom end fuzzy warm midrange with soft transients. I'd rather by a used Fisher integrated amp and have it refurbed for the $$$. Godd to hear about the Caylx I really want to hear one of these
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