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  1. If I were to consider the bigger Klipsch speakers then I just go ahead and rock the Altec Voice of the Theaters ( I still smile when I think about the times I've heard these at shows)
  2. I had a pair and upgraded the horns and still found them fun but ultimately something that I could not live with long term. Great diversion but not a long term keeper in my opinion. Also not a ton of thump even with the 12 inch woofer. I had an older pair though
  3. wow we have fallen off the PC cliff officially!
  4. for anyone with slight fit issues the comply foam wraps available at JH are fantastic. I have an issue when I lay down with my JH13s in that they slightly break seal and it reduces bass quantity. The foam wraps solve that issue and you can move your head in any direction without issue. Not it does slightly impact comfort and ease of taking them out but not a bad experiment if you're willing to dish out the $15 for a pack of 5 (they are said to last 2-3 weeks before needed replacement)
  5. Greg, hope you have a great Birthday! Miss you friend have multiple vinos for me.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Scott!
  7. CJ, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day
  8. I liked the 20 I had but loved the 17D3
  9. Yes - The Yes Album Steve Wilson mix now on to the SACD rip of SRV's Couldn't Stand The Weather
  10. Elusive Disc had it for $349 but they gave you one to pull the trigger after they sent the email. I'm on the fence on this one as 3-4 of the discs are must haves imo but I could do without a 7th copy for some of the earlier releases. I may buy this just because it is all analog from the original mono tapes but that said recent box set quality has been pretty bad. Optimal in Germany where this set is getting pressed is getting hammered for QC issues on the Led Zep releases. There is also the potential for getting better discounts if the sets sit. The mono css were sold at a premium at release and were heavily discounted months after release. The box set I really want is the SRV set from Chad at Acoustic Sounds but they want an arm and a leg for it. I'd also bite on the download (if they offered it) before I'd go LP set.
  11. David, happy birthday brother hope you had a great meal followed by several great beers/wines!
  12. Happy Birthday bud hope you have a great day!
  13. jp11801

    Muscle Shoals Doc

    been on a music doc mini tear and this one was really great, thanks for the tip off. Those guys are on more hit records than Elvis, MJ and the Beatles combined it seems
  14. Are the 33 rpms equal to or better than the 45 rpm versions, I've heard a few reports that they just might. Me Led Zep lll mint UK pressing
  15. similar boat work has been crazed lately and I am on call this weekend, bummed to be missing this as I really could use a weekend away. Hope to live throughout he meet impressions
  16. Happy Birthday Mike have a great one
  17. Greg, they modify the input to 47k to match a phono pre input Steve, I'll keep an eye out for the upgrades, here's to hoping we get thunderbolt options as well given that is where apple is going
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