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  1. It kills all those $40,000 DACs, eh?
  2. While I generally dislike the term "giant killer" if this is like other Bryston gear I have heard, then I just might believe it in this case. There gear has that no-nosense, solid, Canadian look, feel and sound. I do think that an I2S input would have been nice, but I also understand why they did not feel the need to put one in.
  3. Have a notoriously Happy Birthday!!
  4. But then they could be president.
  5. No disagreement from me there, and it would be a good thing from many perspectives.
  6. Wow, those are very nice. I already bought a Penny and Giles RF15, so I will stick with that. I'm actually glad I did not see the bent audio site before as the volume control search took way longer than it should have as it was. Thanks for the info. Well that is cool. Craig seemed to be pretty impressed with P&G controls and I respect his opinions on those types of issues.
  7. I have also been in contact with Craig concerning, at first, a specific volume control for the BA, and then much more information than I ever wanted to know about volume controls in general. He has been more than transparent about the time line. I have no problem with the tinkering and constant quest for challenges. It's one of the things I enjoy about working with creative people. As an aside, I'm sticking with the BA because of the aforementioned concerns with the AD1. If that means the BA will only be 91.76834527% of the Aficionado, I'm cool with that. Back on topic. Looks like an awesome meet. I have to see the Frank Cooter amps in person. Looking foward to CJ09.
  8. I just received the following email from Switcheasy: So apparantly the case I ordered will be arriving. We shall see. Stay tuned for updates. P.S. I love the name Zoltan, it is one of the names I used to use as a kid when playing all the weird games we used to play.
  9. Although I consider my EeePC rig transportable, I can hold it in one hand with the Pico sitting next to the touch pad. Both are battery powered, so I guess my rig is, by your definition, portable.
  10. Many people use transportable and portable interchangeably. My current transportable rig is EeePc --> Pico --> HD-25. I upgraded the RAM and HD and now have a single rig for portable computing (i.e. away from my desk and phone!!!) and music listening. Since it has multiple functionality it is actually quite cost effective and provides very good SQ to boot. Does it sound as good as my main rig? No. Does it sound as good as my desktop rigs at home and work? Right now I would have to say yes, with the same phones (i.e. HD-25's ) but the desktop rigs can drive more demanding cans (AKG 340's) much better. The reality is that I currently spend my listening time as Transportable = Home desktop > Work Desktop >> Home Main Rig so I'm willing to spend the bucks for it right now. Next year? Who knows.
  11. Well I finally received my ipod touch case from Switcheasy. It not only took over two weeks to arrive but it is not the color I ordered. Not usually a big deal but the black does cost more than the other colors. I just sent a nasty message so will see what happens. Just a cautionary tale for the time being.
  12. Have a hippity-hoppity birthday.
  13. I thought the Canare crimp-on RCAP connectors were a true 75-ohm connector?
  14. Feel free to experiment with the unit as you see fit. I'm O.K. taking any risks with that as I see figuring out how this puppy works is the most important objective.
  15. Good idea, then you'd hear like Sovshiller ... Oh wait you would actually have to Novacaine your brain for that. Never mind.
  16. Happy Birthday. Ingwe, you are now officially a member of old-fart-case, Hirsch preceeded me in the club .
  17. Happy Birthday Mr. Ferric Fantasizer.
  18. I do not find it bright or hard at all, unless the original CD is bright and hard. I do not think it has to do with a forgiving amp as the GS-X is pretty ruthless in showing you the warts on your upstream components.
  19. Happy Birthday to the Queen of Headphones; All Hail The Queen
  20. I started out using the EZ-GIG II software that came with the Apricorn enclosure. Upon rebooting it would stop with a message that the partition changed even though it said it had previously locked it. I then decided to go old school and created bootable USB flash drives for gparted and SLAX. This was extremely slow and never created a bootable drive. I then used some software from easeus that also failed. There was one more but it was so bad that my mind has blocked it out. The xxclone software was superb and can also be used for incremental backups if you upgrade the free version. I may actually do that but the free version is all you need for cloning.
  21. Well it has taken me almost 5 days to upgrade my EeePC disk from the 80Gb stock issue to a 320Gb drive. The main problem is that most of the disk cloning software just absolutely sucks and failed in one way or another when I tried to use it. However xxClone came through, worked superbly and was extremely easy to use. I now have 268Gb for music/data, WooHoo.
  22. Wow!!! That is absolutely the best looking TT I have seen in a while. You are truly an artisan Steve. Oh BTW did I mention that the table looks friggin awesome? It rivals most of the projects David Marks has had on his show. Maybe you need your own show on DIY Network, Wood-Case?
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