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  1. IIRC, the 12L actives are shielded, which should minimize that type of noise, right?
  2. I have a d-link one that is in between my macbook pro and pico dac. Sounds fine to me.
  3. Sweet looking. How durable are those dewars?
  4. penger


    A bunch of Classic Records stuff on sale at Acoustic Sounds. I think I read on Hoffman's forums that Classic Records went out of business or something. The 24/96 DVDs are $10 each with buy 10 get 1 free, which might be perfect if their database is to be believe that there are 11 such discs. There are also LPs and regular DVD-a discs for sale as well.
  5. Now I want a pair too. How often is it Quad day? Weekly, Monthly?
  6. penger


    For Fitz and others who might like anime, amazon is having an up to 50% off on anime movies and tv shows. Save up to 50% on Anime Movies and TV
  7. Dredging up this old thread in hopes someone might have heard the FET-A with either the HE-5's or AD2000s and may be able to offer some comparison to the GS-1. IIRC Asr was able to but his FET-A was having noise issues? I have a 2ch b22 and a Pico DAC if it helps in making a comparison.
  8. I was using win7 today... and IE was apparently using the folder I was trying to close, but all it gave me was a generic message. I had to close programs one by one to find the culprit.
  9. I ran into this today... So you know when you want to move a folder or delete something and it tells you some other program is using it? It would be nice if Windows actually told you which program is using the folder or file. Windows doesn't already do this, right? If it does...
  10. Ahh cool. Thanks for the education.
  11. Interesting. So what makes a handmade bike "better" than say a bike from Felt (I only remember them because i think they sponsored some Tour de France team)? Attention to detail (probably a given), but is it lighter, faster, stronger? I ask because I'm assuming you pay a premium over a commercialized product.
  12. So question for you bike geeks... Where do you learn about all these boutique (seemingly?) bike manufacturers?
  13. What about entering him in one and then saying that because you did, he has to participate?
  14. Stay safe and godspeed!
  15. The only review I remember reading about the Credenza is from 6moons.
  16. Have not heard the Credenzas, but I think they are ported on the bottom in case that factors into your decision making.
  17. penger

    slow forum

  18. Are you buying Namaanf's builds one by one?
  19. Because of this statement? Some of the rationalization later on in the article does make some sense though. /shrug
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