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Patriots sign Tim Tebow


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I heard he doesn't have the hands to be a good TE (at least not the Patriots receiver-type TE).  I think he'd be a decent half-back with blocking skills.....


But if the Belichik and the other coaches can teach him, so much the better, he seems to be an overall good athlete.  Belichik should also be able to minimize the circus of media around Tebow, too.




He could still be a bust and get released before the season even starts.

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Belichick has a history of successfully polishing turds so that might be it. However, I don't think Tebow is polishable. Nice guy, absolutely - NFL QB, not so much. Sorry to be blunt but we all know the truth.

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When will this fucker leave the NFL so he can start his real career in something media-related? Seriously, he wasn't meant to play football. People love him for so many reasons outside of the context of the sport. It's just been the mechanism that's helped him along the way. 


For the record, I don't real have much of an opinion on him either way. 

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^^ Jets fans probably see it as an indictment of the lunacy of their organization if Tebow does well somewhere


Lots of chit-chat on the radio in Boston, already getting fucking annoying.  The 2-6 slot on our local sports talk radio has a near-fan-boy (Mike Felger) who riles things up with visions of Tebow playing alongside Brady.  At least the morning people recognize it for what it is and decide to talk little about that and more about hockey.

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Great guy, I'm sure, but I could not stand him as a quarterback.  i was thrilled when he left Denver, and I was utterly unbothered by his personal evangelism.  


Seriously, though, having him run your team is hell.  It was like having your car running on 4 spare little donut tires, and every time you arrive safely at a destination people around you look stunned and say "Wow, how about that, it worked out again."  There's a reason sports movies usually confine themselves to one miracle -- if you rely on a miracle week after week, it starts to feel like you're just not preparing well.

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