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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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The greatest letter ever written. What a rollercoaster ride.

A great anecdote in the paper about Douglas Bader, the double-amputee English WWII fighter ace.  

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I don't fortunately suffer from coulrophobia, the morbid fear of clowns - I just find the shower really really creepy.

I only once saw someone with a real phobia - gephyrophobia - a surprisingly common morbid fear of bridges, We were doing an organised 20 mile walk for charity a few years ago, and caught up with two ladies, friends, at the start of a long footbridge crossing a four lane road. One of them was in an awful state. Pale, dilated pupils, sweating, breathing rapidly and pacing around. Quite prepared to turn around and walk 10 miles back to the start.

We eventually got her across, with us and her friend in front and behind, shouting "la, la, la ..." and leading her by the hand. When we got her to the other end, she turned into a regular person almost instantly - and with a real sense of triumph at actually getting over the bridge.

So we might be uncomfortable with creepy clowns, spiders or snakes - but a true phobia is something else entirely.

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Posted on the “Exploring Virginia” Facebook group.



So this was the coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life. I’m still freaking out about it to be honest.

Yesterday afternoon, we were outside in the beautiful weather doing yard work. I needed some mulch, so my dad lifts up our extra garden hose so I can get to the bag. When he does this odd looking little creature falls from the hose. (Picture #1)

Long fuzzy body like a caterpillar and these super tiny wings that look like mini Dumbo ears. He just starts crawling in the grass, but I can see he’s kind of struggling. So I move him to the flower bed.  He crawls straight onto the brick below our front porch, goes up about 8 inches, and then stops.

I’m mesmerized by this bug. It is just so strange looking. So I’m sitting there staring at it and this thing literally starts to transform right in front of me. His nearly nonexistent wings begin to swell. Then they separate, two on each side of his body. (Picture #2)

So I’m now watching this thing grow its freaking wings in front of my eyes. Y’all I couldn’t even breathe😲 Then the wings start to get longer and straighter along the outer edges. (Picture #3)

Finally, I see this gorgeous pink and yellow insect, fully formed and ready to begin its life. (Picture #4)

The most fascinating thing to me was that this entire process took just 7 minutes.

Transfixed as I was at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, I did a little Google research and discovered that this particular moth has to pump fluid into their wings in order to become an adult ready for flight. So, that’s the event I so luckily witnessed.

Needless to say, this Rosy Maple Moth gave me one awesome experience. — at Gloucester County, Virginia.







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Posted (edited)





Arch Rock, Joshua Tree.  Click for slightly larger.











True words seldom spoken.







"...and just like that, Blue Lives didn't Matter anymore."











Taken with a pinhole camera.







Fully-restored 1958 Golden Sahara II with Goodyear's Illuminated Neothane Glow-Tyres.






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17 minutes ago, Knuckledragger said:

This is pretty amazing.  Also, Jerry has gotten so fat I'm worried he's going to die right before our very eyes.  :blink:

That's wild. Brent needs that so we don't hear every single thing going on in his house when playing games.

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34 minutes ago, Fitz said:

That's wild. Brent We needs that so we don't hear every single thing going on in his house Brent when playing games.


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Seriously.  If it’s smart enough to filter everything else and leave my voice, then it could be smart enough with a little tweaking to filter Brent’s voice out and leave everything else.

My dream is closer to reality.

Also: thank math!

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