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The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

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I have told this to many, but since I was able to vote, I have participated in every Presidential election.  I am 55 now.

In ALL those years, I have been hard-pressed to say that I have voted "for" someone very positively.  It has basically been the lesser of two evils in my mind.  And that's what politics is about to me.  Bush Sr. and Obama may be the closest I've been to voting FOR someone.....

I look back to the Nixon-Kennedy debates.  It was reported at the time that Nixon's appearance and "edge" had cost him dearly; that media visibility was now rising in importance.  Add to that the shame put on the Presidency by Nixon's paranoia and the Watergate scandal, and it's no surprise that media coverage - real or fake - dictates so much of voter political response now.  People are more characters playing roles than servants to the public.  And I also agree a mention above that it's often about power as well.

I also look back to the CONTENT of the Nixon-Kennedy debates, and yearn for current politician to discuss matters the way those two did.  It's horrendous now.....

The last election, and this one, are low bars for those lesser of two evils for me.....but at this stage, I am firmly in the anyone-but-trump camp.


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The greatest letter ever written. What a rollercoaster ride.

A great anecdote in the paper about Douglas Bader, the double-amputee English WWII fighter ace.  

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I'd rather Knucks posted whatever he wanted, regardless of whom it helps or hurts politically. Yes, some of the political stuff irritates me, but I don't think what's posted in this thread will sway a voter one way or another and it's relevance is only to make us laugh. Posting anti-Biden memes here will have no bearing on the election whatsoever.

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I'm not sure anyone is asking anyone to post or not post content for any practical reason. Nor preventing anyone from counter asking occasionally why? 

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My take is: Don't shoot the messenger.  In spite of that meme, I'm actually not on board equating Biden's sexual improprieties to Trump's.  Biden is a doddering equivalent of Brock Turner (remember HIM?)  Donald Trump is a child rapist.  I've listened to the audio testimony of Katie Johnson, the woman whom he brutally raped when she was 13 while Jeffrey Epstein watched.  It's absolutely harrowing, and not something I'd post here.  

Also, yes, Trump is a danger to himself and everyone else.  He's a toxic narcissist, bungling criminal, and in deep cognitive decline.  However, in my estimation his mental faculties are not in as rapid a state of decay as Biden's.  I'm genuinely worried that Trump is going to annihilate Biden during the general election because he's got fewer screws loose and because he's mean.  

Cool story bro: I got permabanned from redderp's /r/politics for "inciting violence."


The comment that got me banned was this:


I'm worried that [Bernie] is not mean enough to take on Fat Donny. We need someone who will punch Trump right in his fucking Toad-looking Yeti-pubed dick (metaphorically, of course).

This is not to say that I think that Biden is a better choice. I just wish Bernie had an advisor who'd encourage him to throw some punches.

Yep.  Metaphorical dick punching will get you banned.  I stand by my point, however.  Donald Trump has zero scruples and is a dirty fighter.  I supported Bernie but I'm not sure he'd have been mean enough to take on Trump in the general.  Sanders has the advantage of, you know, speaking in complete sentences.  Listen here Jack, Biden speaks in....   

I'd be a lying dog faced pony soldier if I said I thought Biden had even 50/50 odds of becoming president.  The Democratic Party are the Washington Generals to the Republican's Globetrotters.

Anyway, back to funny pictures.






















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Sorry, I read Voltron's first post, but not his second. I was reacting to that alone.

If we're gonna talk politics, you can chalk me up for thinking both of them are horrible. I used to be a Democrat, but the party's recent behavior has made me question that. At the same time, my values haven't changed - even though a lot of the party's values clearly have - and I'm not a Republican either. So I'm politically homeless, more or less. But I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the mainstream media's handling of the political landscape even more than I am by the behavior of either party. I get why, confirmation bias sells and in the modern media landscape everybody with a smartphone is now a pundit, so they have to go with what works in getting any signal heard above the noise. But the whole ecosystem is extraordinarily destructive, runaway trains operating on their own momentum with nobody at the helm, and nobody to look out for who and what gets run over on the way to nobody knows where.

I don't know what I'll do in November.

But Knucks has been doing a great job curating his posts and they're one of the few things I look forward to in my day. Not asking him to change a thing.

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11 hours ago, Knuckledragger said:


Madrid, Spain with clean air

I hadn't seen the mountains (La Sierra) that clearly since I was a little kid and none of the tall buildings were there, not even the broadcast tower in front which is from 1982.

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It is truly amazing what dramatically reduced road use and no airplanes has made. It is a real shame that the cause of all this low pollution and clean air is a worldwide lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19.

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My only visits to Madrid went along the lines fly in to the stunning airport, have two days of meetings (at INTA), fly out. I had very little opportunity to enjoy Madrid itself, or really even see it in daylight hours.

Other than get really hungry because the restaurants (remember those?) didn't open until 8pm.

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Cthulhu's cat.







Tycho's studio.








A hammerhead made out of hammer heads.




I, uh...














Jacksonville Beach 26 minutes after reopening.



Madonna, Sting, and Tupac at a dinner party in 1994.




Jack Nicholson relaxing with some tunes and weed, January 1, 1969.

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37 minutes ago, Knuckledragger said:



I'm with Allen on this one.  I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man.

Anyone remember who said The Eagles effectively birthed the LA punk scene? It gave a lot of people something to hate. Google is coming up empty. 

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1 hour ago, blessingx said:

Anyone remember who said The Eagles effectively birthed the LA punk scene? It gave a lot of people something to hate. Google is coming up empty. 

I came across that line this afternoon, too. Can't find it for the life of me – searched my history and came up with zilch.

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