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Group Buy for KG's Boards (2nd)

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I've got the permission from Dr Gilmore for a second run of boards, so let's do it again.   Linky to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoNVeoQi85GgdFVrMmtReVpWNVBsQUo2Sl

LK, you shouldn't end up out of pocket for this GB!  If those shipping cost don't start working out to break even for you please let me know and I'll be happy to do what I can to assist with closing t

I kind of went overkill on it...   HV 420V 430mA x 2 17-0-17 1.2A   6.3vdc power supply 9v 30VA   6.3vac filaments Using 3 (2x 30VA; 1x50VA)   For the PS board I'm using 2222A instead of 3

Tran, I’ve unsubscribed from the Interest Check for T2 chassis parts.

My wallets taken a beating lately and this could push my missus over the edge...

Apologises for any inconvenience...  

No biggie, John. Better not messing up with the ladies. :)

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If there is a KGSSHV left, I would be interested. Let me know.


Yes, I still have some onboard sets left.


Just got the package.  All the PCBs look nice.  Thanks Tran.

Good to hear that :) Let me know if there is something wrong, I do have spare ones to replace.
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ARGH!!! My boards have been stuck at JFK for almost a week, and still haven't shown up in the USPS Tracking system. Anyone else having a similar problem? I HATE CUSTOMS!!! I have had to deal with it in multiple countries, and it always just sucks. At least in the US, it usually just means a delay and we don't have to pay crazy customs charges like in Europe and some other countries... When I lived in Germany, customs charges would add 30-35% to anything I bought on eBay...

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