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Group Buy for KG's Boards (2nd)

Lil Knight

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then you want a pair for balanced, one for each foot.



Balanced foot warmers. :)

I suppose I could always use a pot for the bias....

Then I'll have temp control... :)

next stage ... remote control for temp control...

Who said DIY is excessive? :)

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Looks like I will include the KGSSHV mini PSU for the Megatron.

So each set of Megatron includes 1x amp board + 1x KGSSHV mini PSU.


I am also working on something very similar to the Sigma22, will include that with the Dynahi, if you want. Or, AMB shop is the way to go. :)

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I know that Glassjar sells Sigma kits, but lately there were reports of problems with communication.


In any case- worth checking out!

Yeah, indeed. Their communication is quite arbitrary.

Recently I had to wait one week to get their response for a single transformer.


Most of the S22 parts can be ordered from Mouser though.


It's great to see the big interests in the Megarton. I built a Megatron some time ago and current draw was about 122mA for the 500V sections and 11 mA for 300V section. If I remember correct the current limit for KGSSHV PSU is about 90 mA. Maybe one mini PSU won't be sufficient for the Megatron, unless some modification.


Many thanks Tran for another group buy.

Thanks for the heads-up, Joachim.

Hopefully Dr Gilmore will chime in about this.

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