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Cavalli Audio Liquid Lightning

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While many here believe the LL is a (insert profane description) the level of hatred/disgust/disrespect/etc. in this thread is a little surprising.  Alex is nowhere near operating at Mikhail's level o

About as nuts as unearthing a five year old thread and arguing with a ghost about a dead company.

I know 2 shills for ECP and we are both batshit crazy.

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Yes, you seem to be seriously interested. Head-Case is an unusually conform group with its own heroes, enemies and some common beliefs. Outsiders with a different opinion are regularily treated aggressively and often with contempt. They move away soon and conformity is maintained.


Anyway, it is positive that uncensored information is possible on this site with critical discussion of designs and products. In a time of recession and hifi in decline, many vendors stick to headphones as a possible arena for profit or simply for survival. This market is exploding and much of it is sustandard, maybe especially in the "high end". This can only be sustained by constant hyping and Head-Case is not on this hype train.


I do not know you, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.  This place is not so much of a conformist group as an informed group.  Now that might sound snobbish or defensive, but if you look around, most of the common posters here are very informed on many subjects.  Yes, we are rude to ignorant people, but that's what makes this place great: we don't tolerate idiots.  Notice how I did not mention that we are rude to people who have differing opinions?  Many here HATE Grados, and I love them.  There are very liberal people here, and there are very conservative people here... and many in the middle.  Shit, I love my Darth Beyers, and I'm probably going to get shit for that, but so what?  We all get along, because we "get" each other.  That's the common link.  If anything, we conform to the following mantra, "Welcome to Head-Case... don't be a dumbshit... no... sorry for your wallet. (Yeah, that's it)

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Outsiders with a different opinion are regularily treated aggressively and often with contempt.

What roadtonowhere said.

And just to be clear, we don't discriminate against outsiders with different opinions.

We treat basically all outsiders aggressively and often with contempt.

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And yet, somehow, some "outsiders" get "inside."


Get informed before you spout off, and have some measure of taste, whether it be in audio gear (whatever) or booze (huzzah!).


Welcome to Head-Case: Don't be a fucking jackass, you fucking jackass.

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Wait, was he telling ME to fuck off?

I know I occasionally deserve that, but this time? I am cornfused.

He thinks your jack ass post was directed at  him directly, and not a funny Head Case motto.

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Fuck, Anders.  I spelled it out for you.  Now you are just being dense... and whiny.  Do you see why we are dicks to ignorant newcomers?  You fall into that category.  Cutestory would be an example of a newcomer who "got" it.  Perhaps now is a good time to heed his new (and quite appropriate) mantra.

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The problem is with mutual respect. Yes, we are a crass, asshole group of hooligans but at the same time if you stand by your beliefs and respect the opinions of others, I seriously doubt there is a single person here who would not reciprocate. Your issue is the respect of others. I'm not saying you have to agree, you just have to realize that there are people who see things in a different light. Variety is the spice of life except when the spice of life comes in and thinks it's better than any other ingredient in the pot and insults them because of it.


</drunken metaphor>

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