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Quick simple tweak for any system.


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sure, he's a dick bag, I get it.  There is a chance these outlets are better tho, I just don't care enough to actually try.  I'd already planned on putting hospital outlets in if I ever get around to finishing my basement, tho.


The last part of my post was not to you, though it might be unclear.  Dan, sometimes some of your posts (due to their pithy nature) do not come across to me as you might have intended, so let me know if what I send your way does not jive.


Hospital outlets are built really well and do not really lose their grip on the plug over time, and if you are going to rewire or do renovation, I would splurge for them for that reason easily, but it would be for that reason alone.

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I agree that the filtered outlet is mostly maketing, but at least it has some effect.... unlike the furutech rare metal plated stuff...

I believe a well designed PSU should be able to get rid of a reasonable amount of noise from the AC line, but the sometimes.... a reasonbale amount is not good enough... I have experienced it first hand when I was living in the college dorm where a whole bunch of microwave, air conditioner and refrigerators are plugged into the same AC line and there was a shit ton of noise... I remember being able to hear them through ESP950 and CKKIII... a $50 APC surge suppressor that did -45dB on EMI/RFI help a lot but still didn't get rid of the noise entirely...

I doubt that any household AC line will get that bad.. but filtering noise from AC line never hurts... and as I stated.. the $400 price tag is on the high side. I'll never buy it at that price, but I might buy it if it were $100, which will never happen...

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