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Headfonia Mike and Woo Audio


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He reposted these on facebook, as i had never seen this post before, for a moment i thought they were new. :unsure:

Anyone have thoughs on the new Chord Hugo portable dac/amp?


2.4K USD. Holy christ, and the people at headfi says its better than the M8. I wonder if someone comes out with a 10kUSD portable dac, will they say its better than the NAD M51.

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I hope his hearing is better than his grammar >:D



At the multi thousand dollars price bracket, there is no bad amplifiers. - Mike

Famous last words.

Should pose an entertaining read.



Yep adjectives like dry and sterile come to mind when I listened to the Chord 64


DefQon, on 07 Apr 2014 - 1:17 PM, said:snapback.png

Never been wow'd by any Chords past DAC's and fairly disappointed with the 64 performance to the asking price ratio so have high doubts the Hugo is that "good" (after you minus all the BS on the other site etc etc).

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I have read some of headfonia's reviews, they are the worst I have ever read .

Amazing how any self proclaimed expert can babble some crap and have lots of readers.

But again, it is the same for anything in the internet. Lots of "experts" on just about anything.

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Power supply technically doesn't work (look at all that rectifier tube rolling) and the amp circuit is terrible so not something I've ever recommend.  For me it ticks most of the "fuck it, let's just make some money" boxes.  6SN7's driving 300B's is always going to suck but marrying it to cheap as dirt iron from China with a PSU which breaks all the rules for tube rectified PSU's just takes the cake.  There are also small issues such as how the filaments are done (AC with a hum pot... in a headphone amp) and the Woo spirit of slapping on some upgraded parts that don't matter. 


Same can be said about the DNA amps, they are pretty much terrible and again, dirt cheap transformers and fucked filament supplies/PSU.  I'm well aware how expensive iron is but opting for the cheapest off the shelf Edcor unit is just fucked.  Alo Studio Six is also guilty of this as well as one of the worst tube amp designs I've ever seen. 

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I've always looked at Woo as nice looking and excellent quality chassis and build quality, but subpar sound performance and questionable designs (Spritzer has only covered the icing of the cake with the problems). A few Woo amps I've heard had some background noise and humming issues.


I liked the Stratus on the other hand with my old modded HD800's. Haven't heard enough amp's to criticise DNA's construction, internal build and design ethics.

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The thing with Woo is that the higher up in their lineup you go, the worse it gets.  Something like a bog standard WA2 or a WA6 would be a pretty good choice for the money but nobody would go for them.  Something like the WES is just fucked, they can't even get the bias and the ballast resistors for the bias right.  This is crucial for something like the HE90 so I for one would never connect a HE90 into a WES.  The risk is simply too great that the amp is slowly chewing up the 7k$ drivers... 

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