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31 minutes ago, swt61 said:

Now that's impressive! And one less thing in a landfill. Bravo Marc!

Next time I will start with something with a vin number though :) yeah, it was fun to restore - in fact I am working on another one now!

I was told by passerbys that I never looked as cool as I when I was grinding metal off or welding. I thinks that’s a complement?

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Went and camped at the nantahala this weekend.  The 2 harder sections that only run a couple times a year were running and water levels were about double normal, so it was something of an event.  I got some video of Dane Jackson playing in the nantahala falls, and ran the river sunday.  

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Here are a few of my projects

modified a rigid floor inflatable boat to mount a helm. It’s a bit wobbly - as I just used a square hole washer with teeth and a bit of epoxy. I probably need to run a stringer underneath perpendicular to the two legs and tap a hole there. The issue is I can’t access underneath once the floor is in. So here I had to pull up on the carriage bolts as I tightened them.


I also affixed a custom boat registration plate and affixed this Scotty holder to mount the solar powered throttle, wireless. That adhesive is pretty foul stuff, definitely get a nice contact high using it.


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I cut down and then modified two pieces of galvanized steel to make a customized winch holder and bow rest - welded them together and painted over the galvanizing - going for a two tone look. Then mast cradle will fit in the channel and help keep the two pieces together.

I guess I am literally watching paint dry at the moment.


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