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Closed - KGSSHV Carbon and GoldenReference HV PS Group Buy

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mwl168….Thank you for organising another gb. I would like the following please;


Amp pcb

2 sets (4 pcs)


Psu pcb

2x dual PS board

1x Left PS board (skinny)

1xLeft PS board (Fat)


1x Right PS board (skinny)

1x Right PS board (Fat)

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Thanks all for your prompt responses and payments.  I sent PCBnet all the latest version Gerber files yesterday for final confirmation of quotes. I will place the order soon as I receive the confirmat

Yep, this has to be the most confused/confusing GB I've seen. From simple concept to kitchen sink...   EDIT: it was suggested in a pm that I might want to elaborate on what I find so confusing. I do

I have built one of the Fat PS boards , kgsshvpssicfetsinglenewrightfat gerbers dated Tuesday, ‎July ‎28, ‎2015, ‏‎2:38:28 PM and want to report that it works... 408vdc at anything above 310vac input,

Posted Images




I have heard from sorenb that there were some quality issues with the kgst boards from the recent GB. I cannot comment on this, because I have not used my boards I got from this GB yet.

Therefore the question: Will you be using the same manufacturer or anonther? I think for an Amp such as the Carbon higher quality PCBs could really be justified, even if it adds a bit to the cost.

Sorenb brough the issue to my attention as well. I do plan on using a different fab house for this GB just don't know which one yet.

Please do let me know if you run into PCB quality issue with your KGST boards. I will file a complaint with the manufacture.

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if you have the time check every one of them, but all i did was change a couple

of silk screen labels, and a couple of .6 resistors into .5 which are easier

for people to bend.

the others are just cut and paste from the original

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Have we decided if the split PSU on this GB is the fat or skinny version (or both)? Aside from size, the difference between the fat and skinny is the orientation of the angle bracket holes, yes?


The "fat" single PS was released after the GB was started.


I believe the only difference between the "fat" and "skinny" single PSU is the dimension of the PCB based on my quick look through gerber file viewer. Kevin will have to confirm. My guess is the fat single PSU was created to facilitate flexible boxing layout and options.


I need to ask all those that have expressed interest in the single PSU to edit your response and specify specifically if you want the "fat" or "skinny" single PSU if you have not already done so.


I will be getting a spreadsheet listing the participants and options started and posted her at the appropriate time.



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I would also opt for the fat version and change my GB wish to:


2 sets of amp boards, 2 sets of splitpsu (fat version)



It will be a long time until I use my kgst boards. They are just as a backup.

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Going to be broke from buying all these boards, is this any less expensive to build compared to the other kgsshv's?


Might have to skip this one out.


I'm still waiting for a Megatron and DIYT2 PCB gb Mike.  ;D

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the fat supplies are now exactly the same size as the amp boards

all the mounting holes in exactly the same place.


5.45 x 4.05 inches


fits in the dissipante 2U box with the boards mounted horizontal

with ample room for transformer, or 3U box with the boards

mounted vertical, and even more room for the transformer.


the skinny supplies are 3 x 6.5 inches which is a tougher fit

in many boxes.

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1. How many amp boards do you want. (one channel on each board, you need two amp boards for one complete amp.)


2 amps (4 each)


2. Which PS (dual,  single skinny or single fat) and how many of them do you want. (you need at least one dual board or two single boards for one complete amp.)


One dual and two single



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With the latest matching board sizes, a horizontal mounting setup fits in a Galaxy 388 (not much room to spare on depth). Transformer in the middle, ideally it would be tall and skinny.

With a creative setup, it might just be possible to use a Galaxy 288. The amp boards go on the top panel, possibly inverted, and the transformer sits beneath them. Then the transformer would have to be short and fat.

Major problem with the Galaxy series is replacing the stock sides with true heatsinks. Has anyone ever asked Modushop about doing this?

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