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Cassette Store Day


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Lollers.  I have bought exactly one cassette in the last umpteen years, and it was part of Boris Blank's multimedia box set -- CD, vinyl, etc.  A British friend of mine was hired because he was an audiophile and he had a cassette deck, so he could "DJ" the release party.

I do indeed have a working cassette deck, but would be hesitant to use them for anything other than transferring to digital, as I've had bad luck with magnetized heads reducing the fidelity of a certain favourite commercially recorded cassette (does anyone remember SSQ?  They had two tracks on the cassette that weren't available anywhere else -- there were others, of course, that's just one of the more memorable ones -- one of the two tracks was a fantastic instrumental...but I wax nostalgic...).

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Oh man, I got all excited, but my shop isn't doing it :(

I got Skrillex and Green Day on cassette, and the RSD NWA Straight Outta Compton as well the next year. Since I didn't have a deck, I went to Goodwill and found a 400$ Marantz for 10.49$.

A friend even got me one of the old plastic with "wood sticker" cassette boxes to keep my 30 or so tape collection.

I'm dumb.


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There was a time (88-91 about) when records were no longer available and things were not being reissued on cd such that old punk was cassette only. I owned a lot of tapes as a consequence. That said, I am not the least bit nostalgic about store bought tapes. This is a dumb idea.

And I occasionally drive an old and shitty enough car that it still has a tape player.

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That's my thought.  Mass produced cassettes are garbage, and there's no good reason to bring them back.

That's what I was thinking too.

But I started checking out a site for electronic music composers


and there's some small interest in releasing original music on cassette.

In fact, it seems like there are a good number of places you can get your music produced on cassette (particularly in the UK).

The cost of producing small runs is ultra low and their product will stand out.

Maybe it's just a gimmick or a passing fad, but I like to see people gather around niche products and ideas.

So, I think it's mostly about fun and nothing else.

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Lollers.  When I told someone on head-fi that I didn't think I could listen to Merzbox, someone called me a wimp.  I lollered.  Heck, I smile a little bit inside just thinking about it.  

Yeah, pretty sure I can't do the Throbbing Gristle, neither, and if anyone calls me a wimp for that, well, that says more about you than it does about me.

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Now they’ve had their best year since 2004. 
Magnetic ribbon format once the preserve of police interviews is in short supply

The cassette tape will be back on Christmas lists this year as high-profile artists ranging from Coldplay to Robbie Williams and Liam Payne release albums


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