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2018 PCB Group Buy with TKD pots


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12 hours ago, Blueman2 said:

Just wanted to say thanks again, @sbelyo, for leading up this group buy.  Probably the largest and/or most complex group buy I have seen recently on this or other forums!  Let us know when you have the shipping cost calculations complete!

Agree, tks for such a hard work!

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no problem at all...  It was a big one for sure.  I did get the envelopes and I'm aiming to sort TKD from non TKD and put the non TKD in shipping envelopes tonight.

There are some extras but not many.  After I ship everything out and people start to receive their orders I'll post what's left.  However, there are plenty of the THAT340 adapter boards so if anyone wants more just let me know.

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All of the postage has been printed for non tkd orders that are paid up on shipping.  They will go in the mail tomorrow.  There's 5 that I'm waiting on and 1 that I needed an address.  All those pm/emails have been sent

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19 hours ago, Mach3 said:

If there's any left over GRLV I'm after 4 thanks & 4 Alps,TKD combo board.

there should be some left over.  Definitely combo boards left.  I'll let a few packages make their way and then post what's left

17 hours ago, Pars said:

Thanks for all of the hard work Steve!

Don't mention it...  Thanks for the layouts on the boards

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